Do you hate people bragging about Minecraft being better than Roblox abd giving a sh**y reason why?

Asked by: NNinja1255
  • I find it annoying.

    There are more people bragging about minecraft is better than roblox and then giving reasons that someone stupid and retarded would give. It is like they only care about what they like.

    - Don't you f***ing dare say anything that isn't true or is false info about Roblox.
    - I don't care that minecraft is better than roblox because it isn't true. I THINK THEY ARE BOTH GOOD EQUALLY
    - If you are one of those people who hates on roblox you are wasting you time coming to this.

  • You guys are all so dumb.

    I love minecraft. I love roblox. But I love minecraft and I hate roblox because it's dum that fnaf fans rag on minecraft it deserves more respect. Respect the robloxorthe roblox will come and kill you. I'm not offensive I've just honest. Please lsiten Jesus will come to rep the sinners.

  • A free game

    Roblox is a free game unlike minecraft, can't pay because I don't have a credit card, plus I heard some people say it has hackers, all games does that. I don't care what other people thought about this game. If it shuts down, I will get to find another (free) game.

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  • I don't exactly feel strongly about either game.

    Sure, I enjoy playing Minecraft sometimes to blow off some steam, something Minecraft was made for, but I'm not a fanatic. I wouldn't be able to say anything accurate about Roblox as I have never even touched the game. As I do not follow either community very closely at all, I obviously know very little about this rivalry between Roblox and Minecraft. How could I care about something I know little about, much less be annoyed by an aspect of their fan bases?

  • I haven't met them.

    So I don't hate them.

    But even if I did met them, the simply reason that somebody is unable to come up with good rational reasons fro liking or disliking something is not enough to make me hate such a person. Hatred is a rather strong emotion and I generally only feel it for people that show behavior that is not shared by the majority of people.

  • Nope I hate it

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  • I Don't see the Reason to Care

    You see to me I think both games are great. They are both equaly special. I just don't find the reason why i should care if they bragg which is better. It is their opinion and their claim and we are free not to agree with them. So why go all the effort to call them out if we all Bragg at times. We can all accept their answers but we don't have to follow them. So why not just ignore it?

  • Roblox is the low quality spinoff of Minecraft.

    When Minecraft came out, it was extremly popular because it was a completely new way of playing sandbox games in 3D. Roblox is just a low quality version of that. If you look at the graphics, they suck compared to Minecraft. Minecraft does have very noticeable pixels, but that's what makes it unique. Roblox is filled with vibrantly blank colors that have little to no work done on them to actually make them look good. Roblox is just a quick money grabber that rode the coattails of Minecraft. Of course you're going to have to pay to play Minecraft. That's what happens to actual high quality games that actually have work and effort put into them. That's why roblox is cheap with in game purchases for currency.

    Minecraft is better than Roblox. I don't think people need to give a good answer to justify why a spinoff game that basically plagiarized Minecraft is worse than Minecraft.

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Masterful says2017-08-23T11:45:28.070
I heard that Roblox is for retards