• It is not right to call someone that

    I fail to understand why some people consider the term to be good when they think the N word is not. It is the same sort of idea. If this is not bad, the N word is the same. If this is bad, the N word is the same. If you say 'No' then you are just being one sided.

  • No, it's rude and disrespectful

    I dislike the use of this term; it is just another derogatory term that is used to categorize and insult others. The use of this term and similar terms are rooted in either hate or feelings of superiority, both of which are baseless. These types of tags serve no useful purpose and have no place in intelligent conversation. That's a personal opinion, but I've yet to hear of a situation where these use of terms like this have had a positive influence or effect. If someone feels the need to single out a group for criticism they should at least find a way to express their opinions in an appropriate and intelligent manner.

  • It is used to insult less advantaged people who are white.

    It is used by a superior group of white city slicker type intellectuals to put down rural america and people who work in factory jobs. It can also be used by old south to put down yankees coming there and they don't like them being there. I think it is also being used by other more sophisticated racial groups who are not white to put down poor white people and therefore again a power word making these "white trash" inferior to the ones using the term…it is a word to deliberately make another group of people inferior to another group of people and therefore since the group is white people who are not rich white people they are being insulted and it is a racial slur. It should not be used by any civil responsible individuals or any person who is respectable. Only an ignorant person would use that term. It is very much racial but it can also be related to using the word "retard" or picking on disabled people as well… I don't like how rude it is to take advantage of less advantaged people this way… just because you can.

  • Is not racism if is directed at someone with pale skin

    As an immigrant I see race in this country for what it is today. I'm an American with Hispanic background, all I got to do is scream racist and I will have an advantage from the get go. Do I hate it yes but is part of our life unfortunately.

    Posted by: N711
  • Another derogatory term.

    Being called 'white trash' simply based on the colour of one's skin and image is degrading as a human being and it does not give the respect to the person. It is just another racist term that only looks at the colour of one's physical appearance; which is exactly like using the n word, 'chinky', etc. It is purely a waste of breathe to spend on, avoid using it.

  • No, I Don't

    The term "white trash" is a feeble attempt by the African-American community to come up with a counter-insult when white people use the N-word. The N-word should never be used because it is obviously racist, but "white trash" or "white bread" are just plain pathetic. I don't see how they'd even be offensive.

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