Do you have a good opinion about Trump administration at this moment ?

Asked by: teodor98
  • Trump is doing good.

    I see a lot of people always talking about how trump is not a good president but I never see anyone of you stating the policies you dislike. Please make an actual argument about his policies instead of how he is not a good guy. I personal think his foreign polices are good and we should regulate countries that have a lot of history of terrorism. I think that the idea of a secure border is great but I think that the wall may be impossible without costing way to much.

  • I'm getting exactly what I voted for.

    Those who have encountered me have no doubt realized that I am a Classical Liberal with a Libertarian bent. I knew Clinton was intelligent, but not at all benevolent (and if we are honest, she was actually malevolent). Trump is not benevolent or intelligent (at least when it comes to political matters). So now the Democrat Party (the one that acts as a hivemind) is having a breakdown and the Republican Party (the one that's so fragmented and is controlled by bible-thumping imbeciles) is being exposed as a bad joke to all of its supporters. Essentially, the fledgling Oligarchy has been temporarily thwarted until 2020 or 2024 when we can actually get a statesman/stateswoman in that position.

  • It is as fool as Bush Jr.

    Republican Party has made again a big mistake by choosing Donald Trump for the presidential elections. After 8 years of a Democratic Party's rule, the sollution that Republicans has offered to electorate was a illiterate man. Donald Trump is not suitable for the presidency. He doesn't have a rational programme for American people and he doesn't know how means to be a president. Even though I don't like Clinton, if I had been an American, I would not have voted for Trump in November 2016.

  • The Trump Administration has Proven to be Utter Trash

    He hasn't withdrawn the U.S. out of NAFTA like he promised during his campaign. He's going to cut medicaid funding after he said he wasn't going to. He's now an interventionist after saying he wasn't going to be. Any hope of an infrastructure build he promised is now long gone with his budget plan outlining his priorities. He has increase military spending without need. His "healthcare plan" is going to uninsure millions more people while giving tax cuts to the rich. And of course, he's going to make cuts to an already under-funded department, the EPA. Trump so far has proven he's not much more than an ignorant clown, and I don't have much belief that he's going to turn things around and have a good (or even decent) presidency. We're all in for a bumpy ride.

  • Because i do not like him he is a racist turd and he is a perve and isa disgrace

    But how can pepole say no because he is racist to mexicans and wants to build a wall to keep mexicos from america and once he said a nasty qoute and sometimes he can be really offensive and he should be the one sent to prison not hillary he is a disgrace

  • I regret my vote.

    I will say I did vote for Trump in the election and if I knew it would play out how it has so far I likely would have wrote in Rand Paul. I feel like Trump has some good ideas, at least more than Clinton did. However Trump although there has been some good policies has mostly delivered either bad policies or poorly executed good policies.

  • "I'm getting exactly what i voted for!"

    Well, did you vote for giving info to a DICTATOR?! He gave HIGHLY CLASSIFIED INTEL to VLADIMIR PUTIN! And I bet you also voted for a man who has little, IF ANY experience whatsoever in politics. Also, what kind of country has a pornstar for a first lady? A country led by a lying ,sinning, offensive devil, that's what! He blatantly bragged about his rape tactics on "Access Hollywood" to Billy Bush, And he lied about his philanthropy! He thinks a wall will stop illegal immigrants. But has he considered travel by air? PLANES CAN FLY OVER WALLS! And even building the wall would be impossible, since it would have to cut through mountains, rivers, and even PEOPLES' HOMES. And it would cost 15 to 20 BILLION smackeroonies! Which is approximately NASA's annual budget. That's one small step for man, ONE GIGANTIC WALL FOR NO APPARENT REASON WHATSOEVER!

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