• This is a strange poll

    How would someone who did not know how to read and type even get here? Everyone who is even capable of answering this questions would need to have both skills. To even sign up for debate.Org you would need to know how to do both. I cant imagine how anyone would answer no.

  • Apparently you don't

    Do you know how *to read and type? Well of course I do. What the f*** do you think I'm doing right now? Using autocorrect yes, but I still have to have most of an idea about typing. I also is wanting to studies to English in collage. Thx u.

  • Yes I do know.

    Ok, probably everyone is gonna say yes. Its read and type so its obvious that everyone that comments says yes. You can't say you don't know how to read or type. And if you actually can't read or type don't comment on here....BECAUSE YOU CAN'T READ OR TYPE! You gotta learn how to if you can't

  • I obviously know how to read and type.

    If I didn't know how to read and type, I wouldn't be able to comprehend this website and what it's asking of me to do. Same with that I'm in school in grade 10. Most English classes teach you how to read and write / type. Mainly kindergarten teaches you how to read and type.

    Posted by: Xen
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