• I grew up with them.

    I have been a fan of Disney movies all my life. Mostly the classic ones. I get that some of them don't send out the best messages to children but once you get older, you kind of scrap those ideas anyway. I did. Such as the Little Mermaid sort of teaches you to change for your lover. I know I don't need to change for my lover.

    But Disney make some of the best movie ever. I mostly like the ones from the 90's like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Pocahntas, Aladdin but I love some of the newer ones too like Frozen, Tangled, and the Princess and the Frog. Disney forever!

  • Without a Doubt

    Disney movies have been around for so long starting from snow white all the way to Zootopia. I think Disney movies rock the house. My top 3 favourite are:Wreck-it-Ralph,Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Basil the great mouse detective. Anyone who doesn`t like disney movies should reconsider their opinion,CAUSE DISNEY MOVIES ROCK

    Posted by: bvc
  • The Older Disney Movies; Not the Newer

    If we look upon the past in Disney movies, they were great and enjoyable. 95% of them I enjoyed, the other percentage I may have not liked; but wouldn't have considered them bad. On the other hand with new Disney movies, I don't like them nearly as much as the past. One example being Frozen because of it being over-hyped. I guess my final answer would be it depends on the movie.

  • Recent Disney Movies Have Fascist Views

    Recent disney movies such as Frozen are actually extremely disturbing, and costumed as 'fun' and 'for young children.' For example, in Frozen, a disney movie extremely popular among children 3-12, one of the characters is exploitative, deceitful, and betrays the protagonist when she most needs help. This is not a 'plot twist' or 'suspense.' It is evil, and is teaching habits of deceit to young children. It is introducing evil into the world disguised as 'harmless fun' so that when there is true evil in real life, people will become desensitized to it and not even be able to recognize it. This is fascist, and will permanently harm the world if it continues to be such an influence on children.

  • Disney Movies Don't Send Out Good Messages To Children

    Disney movies throughout more recent times, don't show good messages. They always try to make their characters attractive by giving them full faces of makeup and short skimpy clothing that is way to sexual for 3 year children to be watching, they also are all in relationships I mean I can understand relationships in romance movies but this is Disney we are talking about here they are supposed to be making movies for young children and encouraging romance to children at such young ages causes them to want to mature quicker and more likely will influence the age they start dating. Disney movies these days are very rebellious I mean it isn't hard to influence a child and if there is rebellion in the movies that they watch then more then likely (unless they have a very high amount of common sense at there age) they will think it is okay to rebel at home/school. So does Disney really send a good wholesome message to children?

  • Disney movies are Satanic.

    Turn away and slam the door.
    I don't care what they're going to say.
    Let the storm rage on.
    The cold never bothered me anyway.

    No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
    I'm free!

    That perfect girl is gone.

    These are the lyrics from frozen. Disney teaches children that there are no consequences in life. There movies are dark, twisted and evil.

  • Walt should have never been born!

    All Disney movies are Fascist they need to be banned forever every where because Walt was an out spoken anti Semite his movies are immoral racist beastiality promoting ie zootopia and white power prompting ie dumbo and I thought anime was bad this is worse no more Disney no more

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