• Just wondering what you think

    Honestly, I'm indifferent to him. I don't really pay much attention to him. He never caught my interest. Neither did his show. It's kinda boring. I don't know much about him, but I'm wondering what you guys think about Trump. Good, bad, inbetween. Lol. He isn't my favorite of all though.

  • This guy thinks vaccines cause autism?!?

    Headline says it all. I hate a person like this who will forfeit years of advancement in medical science to stupid SUPERSTITIONS! This guy probably thinks climate change is a joke too! Donald Trump is an egotistical, selfish IDIOT. I hate the fact that I have to just sit back and hope people don't vote for him because I'm not a citizen.

  • He's a joke!

    Donald Trump is a joke! He could be a very relevant man and have impact in an election, but he's too much of a showman. He's only interested in his own agenda and I also think he's too rough around the edges. He would probably be a good Redon to have as an economic advisor but not a candidate for President or Governor.

  • Brillant of totally stupid

    Hes either an idiot or the best businessman ever because of the amount of attention he got for his stupid stunts. Either way I cannot bring myself to like him. He kinda makes me angry. It was funny at first when people made fun of him, but now it is just tiring.

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Adam2 says2014-01-23T19:59:27.220
I don't hate Donald Trump. He does seem like a nice guy. He just never caught my interest