• Not crazy about him, but I think he's a genuinely nice person.

    I don't love his music, but I do think he's a genuinely nice person. He's still very young and has a lot pf time to put his life on track. Stop judging people and let them live their lives without having to prove something. He's lived his entire life under a lot of stress and bad influence.

  • Justin Bieber is so misunderstood

    He made mistakes in the past and while he could've reacted better, he is young. Fame kind of messed him up, he was only twelve when he started TWELVE! So young! Imagine if you had people (whether they were fans or paparazzi) following you virtually everywhere you went. Wouldn't you get frustrated too? Every celebrity needs to take a break from the fame from time to time.
    Also Justin is young (like I said earlier lol) and he learnt from every bad thing he did. Meanwhile Trump is in his 70's and he had so much time to realise that racism and all that stuff is wrong, but he chose to continue being a d*ck. All for money and war and stuff. He's the real greedy pig, not Bieber!
    Also if you do some research, you'll see that he actually cares so much about his fans. He donates to charities, one time he helped build a school. He changed lives for the better. Why can't silly media outlets show that side of him?!?!? I'll tell you one story, In 2012 he met a six year old girl named Avalanna who was a cancer patient. She and Justin spent a lot of time together. First time they met, Justin only had to interact with her for half an hour but no, they spent hours together. Avalanna meant a lot of him. Justin was also very upset when Avalanna passed away. That Avalanna story is just the tip of the iceberg by the way.
    Anyways I used to dislike him until I heard these stories and actually listened to his songs. I've listened to two albums (Purpose and Believe) and they're great. He plays four instruments which is pretty impressive. He actually sings well too.
    Anyways you don't have to like his music but everything I've said is true information and if you deny any these facts then you, my 'friend', are a VERY ignorant person.
    I will love Justin Bieber forever!

  • Once a Belieber, always a Belieber.

    A lot of people don't like Justin Bieber including his music. Although you might hate him, you really don't have a clue who he really is because you never met him before. You are judging someone before you meet them which is pretty accurate for the way people treat each other this is just an simple example of it.

  • He is a good person

    He has courage and he's is loyal to his fans. He does act silly sometimes, but we all make mistakes right? We are all humans and we all make mistakes and so does Justin he's not super human but i'm sure he's learnt alot from the past. :-) so give him a chance he's not bad :-)

  • Not a bad guy.

    Sure he has made some stupid decisions, but pretty sure we all have at some point in our lives. Just because his bad decisions are made public aren't any reason to hate a young man you don't know personally, it's a little hypocritical if anything. He needs support, not criticism.

    Posted by: megz
  • Good role model

    Even though right now it doesn't seem like it, Justin is a good guy. I would like to see all of you go through life like he does everyday and not fall apart. He is just trying to find his place right now, but no matter what ill always look up to Justin #Belieberforlife

  • Of course I say yes

    Hello everyone I agree with the statement that he is a genuinely good person, and i do not think that people should judge others that they do not know, including celebrities. The amount of stress that celebrities and performers have to endure is incredible, and the fact that others think that they know them well enough to provide input on them is beyond me. I'm not sure where the idea started where people thought this was okay. Thanks for listening. Hope you agree ♥

  • Not a good role model

    Young people look up to him and they are not going to stop. Even after the things he has done. I would like to see him turn his life around, and be a good role model again. I would like to see him have success again, but the way he is going now is going downhill fast.

  • Not a good role model

    Young people look up to him and they are not going to stop. Even after the things he has done. I would like to see him turn his life around, and be a good role model again. I would like to see him have success again, but the way he is going now is going downhill fast.

  • Justin Bieber is more than trash.

    He is one of the worst human beings on planet earth. He has a sick and disgusting attitude towards everything, acts like an entitled peice of s*** to everyone, has called a woman a beached whale (by the way that woman recently killed herself, good going biebs you f***ing piece of s***), spits on his fans, berates his fans, disregards literally everything that actually matters, tries to be trendy but is forever a garbage human, and is overall just a big waste of all the oxygen he's taking up. I swear to god if his mom didn't buy him a guitar we would be better as a society. But alas, women everywhere idolize a trashy, stupid, talentless, overall a***ole, and everything with actual meaning gets shut out. Thank christ he's retiring because now we can be better as a society. Hopefully we can move forward and appreciate nice people. People who don't spit on their fans, people who aren't overall egotistical moronic jerks who are also spoiled entitled little s***s. He still tries to be any other performer with like 100 times more talent than him and are overall 100 times better human beings than he is. Also, yes, I just wrote a 200 word essay on why Justin Bieber sucks. Because he really is an awful human being.

  • More of a 'poser'

    He's music is a cliche, thus it shows to me that he is not a real musician who takes pride in making songs they want to make for themselves and not others, i think he was more in for the fame and fortune and by using his talent which i think he does have for the wrong purposes, he pretended to be a good kid so that the audience would increase and so that he would become more famous and now that he achieved it, he doesn't come forward as a good boy anymore.

  • I do not like Justin Bieber

    I think he is a childish preformer who lacks in helping do anything for the greater good of human kind. He started off as and okay role model for young girls but as most do he quickly declined settling into a life of mishaps with the police and that sort of thing. So that is why I do NOT like Justin Beiber. In my eyes he has done nothing to deserve my appreciation.

  • He is gay

    No one likes a lesbian pop singer anymore. His only fans are masturbating little girls who like to use KY jelly for their noses. They also like to shove cactus up their anus and Pineapples up their clitterus. In short terms Justin Beiber is a failed abortion and should be dead

  • Justin Bieber Not cool

    I do not like Justin bieber simply because I don't listen to his type of music. I prefer to listen to real rap which I see as Eminem, slaughterhouse, and so on. Justin is also an artist who sings about the same type of material, love. I do not like to listen to romantic songs.

  • He sounds like a girl

    His singing sounds to high pitch, he is a noob, he isn't even cool, he attacks paparazzi and he really needs to update his swag. I would rather be listening to my dog howl than Justin Bieber singing a song. If justin bieber had no talent he would still be famous like kim kardashian.

  • He's a dick

    He has no respect for fans that come from places all around the world to see him. He is a disrespectful shithead and he should burn in hell for his horrific actions. He discriminates people because of their looks and I mean what kind of idiot would do that smh

  • He is a bad person

    He is spoilt, rude, selfish and he sucks. So does his music. I don't know how anyone could like him AT ALL, I personally don't know ANYONE who likes him. He is arrogant and again, I really just don't know how anyone could like him at ALL, let alone be an adoring fan...

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