• New year's resolution is good

    You get to start a new life thinking about them. You can get motivated with that resolution and do something hard to reach that goal. They can make you change your bad habits, and think 'oh I have to make this goal this year' You can start a new life.

  • Its good to make resolutions

    I make a New Year Resolution every single year so that I at least know that I have 1 goal that I want to set for myself for the coming year. It is good to know that you are striving to achieve something, even if that something seems far out of reach. You have 365 days to achieve it so there is plenty time.

  • They keep you determined

    Although it can be really hard to keep up with them, New Year resolutions are a good way to get particularly children think about what they need to improve on themselves and how to help others along the way. It is a good motivator for losing weight too, but, I recommend starting a diet later in the Spring, because it is simply too cold to go out for a run, but I am too young to go to the gym or anything like that

  • I do but it is hard to keep them

    I think that it is a good idea to come up with new years resolutions even if you don't go through with them. I think that because it gives you an idea of what you like to accomplish in your lives. Mine personally never get kept because I forget about them so I think that typing them up and checking them off as they happen could be something to do in the future.

  • New Year's can be a motivator

    While there is nothing magical about the New Year, New Year's resolutions can be a motivator for change. When planning a major change, such as new dietary habits, it can be important to set a stat date and take time to prepare. New Year's day can serve as a motivating start date.

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