Do you prefer quirky (yes) or normal (no) humans?

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • Quirkiness Can Be Cute

    Quirks can be really adorable and make someone unique. Maybe they eat their carrot in a different way or run uniquely. The norms get boring over time. Plus, quirky people often have their own way of doing stuff that can be entertaining, cute, and eye-opening at the same exact time. Quirks can be interesting; norms can be steady.

  • Quirkiness is cute!

    Yes, being quirky can be weird or very odd, but it's CUTE!! :) Kind of like in the show Girl Meets World, one of the characters, Riley, is really quirky but it's funny. I guess I could count myself as quirky, because I'm awkward and funny. Who cares if it's weird? :)

  • Look at the Definition

    After looking up the definition of "quirky", Google told me quirky means "characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits." That to me seems like quirky people are unique, and often weird. Two of my favorite traits! Thank you Google for the help, I have made my final decision (drumroll, please)... Yes!

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YamaVonKarma says2014-07-28T14:36:49.820
Can you define a normal human?
schachdame says2014-07-28T17:08:22.677
That is (no offense) a very ridiculous question. As if there were only quirky and "normal" people out there. Personally I don't enjoy being in the company of people that seem "generic", consuming exactly what is expected from their age, social status and gender.

But quirky and overly nice and positive people are something that easily goes on my nerves as well, just because I am a person that doesn't like having her personal space invaded (a favorite activity of quirky people according to my experience). So my answer to this would be a clear: "Neither"