• If I have to choose, then weed.

    When was the last time someone died from being under the influence of weed? In fact, when was the last time someone had an adverse symptom from weed? Driving under the influence of alcohol has gotten many teens and adults into accidents and alcohol poisoning causes liver failure. Many people don't even know that weed doesn't make you sick unless you smoke tens of thousands of joints at one time.

  • It is safer

    So, I don't do either personally because both can be bad for your health, but if I had to choose I would choose weed.
    Every 53 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash (9,878 people in total in 2011). With weed going 3 miles an hour is according to my hippie uncle, like going race car fast. It's safer to drive while high than it is drunk.

  • I personally support weed.

    I am under the impression that people tend to do more damage to society when they are drunk. Should we all be following the ways of Amsterdam? I'm also pretty sure drinking does more damage to your insides, especially drinking spirits. I think it's ironic how we accept people absolutely hammered in the streets causing chaos, then point our fingers at the quiet ones at home or in a cafe smoking weed. Legalization?

  • Healthier and Happier

    Cannabis is a natural non-habit forming sedative and anti-depressant. Alcohol on the other hand can be addictive and is a long term depressant. When consuming high doses of cannabis. (per say 5 bong hits ) you can't possibly overdose and won't have a need to consume more. With alcohol most become dependent on a certain levels, and once your blood/alcohol level is 0.45% there is a chance you could OD . Also alcohol causes lymphnode, testicular, liver, and esophagus cancer. The hangovers are never fun either.

  • Alcohol hurts my veins

    I used to drink but now having something to compare it to, I hate drinking. Alcohol hurts my veins and I wake up after feeling so off/depressed. With smoking I smoke, go to bed and wake up fine. I smoke like I used to drink. .. After work, before bed. Can't smoke and function during the day, but I couldn't do that with alcohol earlier. And smoking is so much cheaper. 60 dollars last a week with smoking. 60 is a bar tab for one night ..

  • It's safer and better

    Alcohol is poison. Weed is a beautiful healing plant given to us by God. Weed lifts the spirit, alcohol numbs it. Weed is life and experience-enhancing. Alcohol is life-numbing and makes you feel like crap. Sobriety in all cases is best. But if you're going to enjoy one, weed is the way to go.

  • It's a happier drug.

    Alcohol just makes me feel tired, slow, uncoordinated, and sometimes depressed. I can understand getting drunk with a big group of people because it alcohol can turn you into a social butterfly (at least for me), but if I'm just at home alone or with a few friends, I much prefer the relaxation, the giggles, and just the overall feelings that come with being high. Also, not having a hangover the next day is a huge plus!

  • I used to prefer weed though

    I am very, very pro-weed legalization, but bud was more of a high school thing for me. Eventually I got bored of it, and at this point in my life I barely smoke, I drink excessively, and I would much rather be drunk than stoned. Alcohol is the nectar of the gods, but if you prefer weed, enjoy that too

  • Although i'm aware that it's worse for you, I much prefer the intoxicating effects of alcohol

    I have nothing against weed or the legalization movement, in fact I support it, but personally weed is just not for me. I would rather drink for many reasons. With weed i'm the type of person that will get very paranoid and uncomfortable. I've experimented with it many times, and I've really tried my hardest to enjoy it's effects (cause I legitimately do wanna be able to enjoy it the way I see everybody else enjoy it), but I've come to the conclusion that it's just not for me. This may be due to the fact that I have alot of anxiety and when i'm under the influence of weed it brings it all to the surface and I've had panic attacks while stoned. Some people cant handle their liquor, but that's not the case for me. I can't handle my weed. With alcohol it has the opposite effect on me. It takes away anxiety and allows me to just relax and unwind. I get very uplifted and after a few drinks and it gets much easier for me to socialize and be comfortable around people, as opposed to with weed where I get extremely antisocial and cant even form complete sentences. Just in general I really enjoy the effects alcohol brings me. I wish I could say the same for weed, but at the end of the day it's just not my drug.

  • You become unproductive,

    Both are bad but at least the alcholic can be productive at work during the day. Those that are high can't function and only maintain the status quo of life. They are those that never grow to become something better and bigger.
    They are both bad for your health and you shouldn't take anything that impairs you judgement. Those that have impaired judgement are the harm to society.

  • You don't need weed or alcohol to have a happy life.

    I prefer living life without either booze or weed. If you need to get high or stoned to enjoy life, you have a problem with life.

    I stopped smoking weed after about ten years in 1981 and stopped drinking booze about 8 years ago in 2006.

    I waited until my senior year in college to smoke weed in 1971. I actually wasn’t exposed to weed that much because at Bradley University, very few people smoked weed in 1968 through 1971, at least not in the crowd I ran with. I was drunk a few times in high school, but since it interfered with being in sports, I rarely drank. In college we drank a lot on weekends, but rarely during school nights. Nobody did binge drinking during that period. You did not setup ten shots in a row and see if you could drink them. Beer bongs had not been invented.

    What I liked about booze is that you can have a couple of drinks and not be stoned or drunk; unfortunately for me, I began drinking too much and too often. I followed in my father’s footsteps; he was an alcoholic and died at 42 year of age, when I was 15. Lots and lots of booze and smoking three packs of unfiltered Camels daily destroyed his heart. It took me over thirty years to realize that drinking in excess or drinking booze at all was pointless. So, I just quit completely.

    I got tired of weed because you can’t be a little stoned. You smoke weed to get stoned, and it can only take a few hits if you have really premo weed. Sitting around in a daze being stoned got boring; and sex for me while stoned was not as much fun; still fun, but not as much fun. You can drink booze in moderation for hours and not be drunk and have a mellow feeling.

    Most of my hippie friends in the 1970s drank in excess, smoked pot in excess, took LSD and some did coke. So to say weed does not lead to harder drugs is nonsense; it doesn’t always led to harder drugs, but in many cases it does; it did not in my case. For example, I never did any other illegal drug except pot and I have an addictive compulsive personality.

    But the problem with both weed and booze is that you can get addicted and do too much.

    My wife can have a couple of glasses of wine over a five hour period at night and she is happy. She is never drunk. Sometimes, she doesn’t drink for weeks. Many people I know drink like that in moderation. My wife has never smoked weed or done any other drugs.

    Anyway, clean and sober is the best way to live life.

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