Do you seriously think people actually care about your opinion?

Asked by: edenmcdee
  • I am the most important person on earth.

    My opinion is worth its metaphorical weight in gold. Think of it this way: By the time you have decided not to read on, 12 children will have died and its all your fault. So continue reading, and you might not be charged with mass-murder of innocent children.

    I am so epic that of course you have to care about my opinion. Its not that you want to, its that you must. Scientifically, I am the centre of the universe and everything is captured by my immense gravity. This does not mean I am morbidly obese, it means that I am so important, the least you could do is care about my opinion.

    People who have dared not caring about my opinion in the past are Hitler, and that's about it. Look how life turned out for him. He committed suicide after watching his nation get crushed and burned by the Allied dogs and soviet scum next door. Is this what you want? If so, please, go ahead and ignore me. But if you value your life, the safety of your family tonight, and all those poor children, you will sit down and give a damn about what I am saying.

  • All the genius I have lies in this; when I have a subject in hand, I study it profoundly.

    When it comes to opinions, an ocean of difference has come to exist. There are logical opinions, and there are illogical opinions. Logical opinions are founded by using historical, mathematical, or scientific fact in order to ascertain a certain mindset on a subject. Illogical opinions, however, are based entirely on emotion. It often revolve around OUR OWN interpretation of morality, or the interpretations provided by others whom we agree with. Propagandists often appeal to audiences by mixing logic and emotion, and some rely entirely on the interpretation that the viewers have of what they say. It is our perception that gives weight to opinion.

    Now. When it comes to these emotional opinions, those that contrast with our own will either be completely ignored, or we will suffer through it in order to fathom the views of the other side. A true centrist may have more ease in finding the views of another person either side of the political spectrum than an individual whom is far left or far right. It is our interpretation that gives credibility to an emotional opinion.

    If we are to devalue the opinions of others, we are presenting ourselves as a biased mind, closed off from the attempt to understand others. If one is to refrain from understanding why someone thinks something, then they will truly remain ignorant. It is when you actually understand the other side that you are truly justified in your belief; and your bias, if you are so inclined..

  • No I don't think so!

    Some people will only comment on these opinions to tick people off or because they are bored. I do agree there are some people who are interested in these opinions. But not to many people. People also stand on their own opinion, they wan't even take the time to read other peoples opinion. I think if they actually read them and see it from the other persons view on the opinion they could understand it. But some people are so ignorant in their ways, and how dare you go against their beliefs. If you post on the opinion because you want to tick people off, then don't post.

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