Do you support abortion being illegal in all or most cases during the 1st trimester

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Yes, I support abortion being illegal in first trimester, and any trimester.

    Life begins at the moment of conception (obviously, or the baby would never grow), and abortion is wrong in all cases. Before anyone challenges me, I'd like you to be aware that I've had this argument a hundred times and I've heard all your "but what if"s. A baby is a baby, whether you call it a foetus (which literally translates to "childbirth", "offspring", and "pregnancy" in Latin so don't bother). Life is life, and every human being has the right to live. Studies show that women who have abortions see far more likely to become depressed and even commit suicide than those who carry the pregnancy to term.
    Abortion kills a child and cripples a mother. If you are willing to this in the name of convenience and money, shame on you. Shame on you daring to call yourself human while speaking out in favour of infanticide.
    Abortion is wrong. Say what you will. There's nothing you can do to change truth, even if you lie a million times it's still a lie, no matter who believes it.

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