Do you support colleges having "black-only" housing?

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  • I thought Black people wanted diversity and equality.

    If there was a "white only" section, they would be screaming their heads off. It is indeed racist to have a "whites only" section but it is equally as racist to have a "blacks" only section- this COMING from a black person. Thank God I don't live in America (though I would like to if i could). Enough with this segregation and lets all be one- as we were intended to be!

  • Discrimination is now good?

    1950s: The civil rights movement begins a fight to end segregation
    2016: The civil rights movement begins a fight to implement segregation

    Several left-wing colleges have begun putting "black-only safe spaces" into effect. Can you imagine the backlash of a "white-only safe space"? I thought the whole point of civil rights was equality. How have we reached a point where the liberal party actually SUPPORTS state-sponsored segregation (this is after all a state university).

    Posted by: SM29

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