• Yes

    Yes I definitely support gay marriage and do not think gay marriage is any different than "regular" marriage. I do not think they government should control who gets married, as long as both people are consenting adults. The ban on gay marriage stems from religious beliefs of it being between one man and one woman and religion should not hold that kind of power over a government institution.

  • Absolutely.

    I do support gay marriage. People have every right to love who they want to love and not be questioned by anyone. How people choose to live their lives is a personal matter and if they want to get married to someone of the same gender, let them. Let them be happy.

  • We are free to love people we love

    When you walk into a room you don’t see a person or think about that person’s gender so why change the way you look at someone when you found out about their sexuality that is just mess up. They’re just them being them loving differently. It’s like loving to eat but you still continued eating even though people tell it’s not good for you or you are getting fat, but you yourself knows what you love so you continued eating but wouldn’t it be easy to do what you love to do without people bringing you down. So why disagree? Just let them be, if they die doing it at least they died doing what they love if it’s the only one last thing you can do with your life. That’s all, thank you.

  • Yes I do !!

    Love is love !! My sister is gay and I support her 100% love is a beautiful thing if being with there own sex is what makes them happy, if they love each other why not :) and ass someone said up I’m the no section, they can always adopt !!

  • Stop hating and be equal

    Gay Marriage should be supported because of equality and understanding. Imagine if you have a friend or a child that is gay, the least you would do is support them because it is the path that they decided to chose and they're happy with it. What If you didn't support them, then your just being inconsiderate about others. I have many friends that are gay or other sexualities and I'm completely fine with it because I'm a part of the community that we decided to go to, the LGBT. For a bisexual myself, yes i do like both guys and girls and i'm completely fine with it. You take time for these things.
    Please, just consider and change your mind to being able to support a loving and powerful community.

  • It’s Love !

    You can’t force love. Nor can you force yourself out of love. A human being can’t help who they fall in love with. If that person who you happen to love happens to be the same gender so be it. Love is Love. Everyone have a plan set out for them. Everyone’s is different from another. Nothing is wrong with being you. Why see them any different if they are gay?

  • Why not ?

    Someone please explain to me (without the bible or God, since not everyone believes in God or follows the bible or any other religion) why gay marriage shouldn't be allowed.
    It's not unnatural - homosexuality is found in every species and in human societies dating back thousands of years. It's far more natural than homophobia.
    If you think the only purpose of a relationship is to reproduce, particularly as the world is facing overpopulation, I just feel sorry for you.

  • Its their choice and right

    They have the right to be with who ever they want to be and they shouldn't be judged on that. If anyone is a gay i support them on this and it is very hard on some people because they might or will be judged on this. Also Marriage is about making a commitment with someone and loving them so if a gay person loves someone they yes let them go on with that marriage and no one should judge since that is their choice if they really like someone not your choice of if they should get married or not. Also if a gay couple gets married the usually they would adopt a child if they want kids and that gives a orphan the joy of having a family and parents. So then everyone is happy. Also i support gays big time and i feel it is wrong to think any way else.

  • Of course i do.

    The people who are gay deserve as much as a life as straight people. They cant help how they feel! Love is love, no matter what sexuality. A person cant choose where their heart lies, they can't choose who they love. It just happens, and you can deal with it.

  • A big YES

    As long as its consensual, gay marriage is totally acceptable. The only acceptance a person needs is of his own conscience. It doesn't matter what people think or accept because its you who has to build up a life around marriage. As long as the person makes you happy, the gender does not matter. People are entitled to have their own opinion and we must respect that. The only thing that must be stopped is forcing one's own opinion or so-called 'belief' on others.

  • Not at Alll

    Calling two homosexuals uniting a marriage is a mockery to the institution of marriage. They cannot create a child, thus it is a sterile union. Adopting a child while in a gay couple takes away from the mother-father unit every child deserves. It's completely fine for them to misuse their organs. If you believe in evolution, which I'm assuming so cause you support gay rights, man never decided all of a sudden to put something that's for a woman into a man. It's a choice.

  • A big NO NO

    It is simple. I don't support anything that is against Gods design. The decrepit idea that some people are born gay just does not exist. It is a conduct and a choice. If you have something against this fact, then you will have a lot of questions after death...But probably at the wrong place.

  • Just no way

    Listen if all civilization came to a end and there was only 2 gay men left how would civilization begin again, discuss how this would be possible, we all know it's a sin as the bible states. Each to there own i just don't agree with it that's all .

  • I support marriage between man and a woman only.

    I shouldn't be saying derogatory terms to you because of your beliefs, in the same way that YOU shouldn't label me just because I don't have the same beliefs you do. Can't you respect me in the same way I respect you? Even though I don't agree with the idea of gay marriage, I still respect you as a person because being gay isn't your whole identity. Just as how being straight isn't my whole identity, gay doesn't define your ambitions, personality, and character. In fact, the STRONGEST relationships are formed when people respect each other despite their different beliefs. You and I don't have to see eye-to-eye, but I can respect you and you can respect me. Christians who say they "hate gays" are not upholding God's second greatest commandment, which is "Love your neighbor as yourself." So don't categorize every Christian as being hateful towards gays, we might not hold the same beliefs but I think you're just as honorable and worthwhile.

  • No, I do not!

    I absolutely say NO to gay marriage! God created man AND woman for a reason. If he wanted people to be gay, he would have made just men or just women. It even explains this in the bible. In Genesis chapter 18 and 19, it describes when God destroyed two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. He said to Abraham that if there were 10 godly people there, he would not destroy it. But, there were not 10. The cities were filled with gay men. God destroyed the cities.
    Also, in 1 Corinthians chapter 6, it talks about sexual sins. It says the gays will not be allowed in the kingdom of heaven. Please consider this if you support gays.

  • I dont support gay marriage

    We wernt meant to be gay. Its unnatural and we tend to reject unnatural things. God said Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. Nobody wants to be at a store and see two gay individuals showing affection. In the bible God destroyed the city that was gay. And it effects family relationships

  • It's disturbing and its wrong

    Men have a penis and women have a vagina. Its a puzzle. Don't mess with God's puzzle.
    Have you also forgotten that a man and a woman reproduce? If being gay is "natural" Then why can't they naturally reproduce??

    why do people allow this ?

  • We will burn--as Rome burned.

    If you say people can love whoever they want, where does it stop? Indeed, there are groups right now advocating incest, polygamy, pedophilia, etc.
    It confuses children--most children understand that a man and woman make a child and a family. Children of same-sex unions will never know their biological parents or have a mother-father role model and will more likely grow up to be homosexual because that is what they know.
    Families are the building blocks of society and civilization--for the past several thousand years. The repercussions will be beyond anything that we can anticipate.

  • Just no way

    Listen if all civilization came to a end and there was only 2 gay men left how would civilization begin again, discuss how this would be possible, we all know it's a sin as the bible states. Each to there own i just don't agree with it that's all .

  • Tradition worked best

    Don't support it. I love gays. Absolutely love them. Love them so much, I can't let them do this to themselves. Now some of you are wondering," How in the HELL can you say you love them but disagree w/ their "happiness"? Ok- Imagine you had a son/daughter who was a heroin addict, and was in and out of jail for 10 years. Now if you're a good guardian/parent- you'll love the life out of that kid. But just because you love them, doesn't mean you love what they do. Just like gays- I love them, but I don't love what they do. I pray America will stop losing its' mind and start getting back to the way things always have been. It was going SOOOO good before this whirlpool of Homosexuality came in. I used to be bisexual myself, for a good 8 years. I realized that it's JUST a temptation. Not real feelings, a TEMPTATION.

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