• I totally agree with gender roles.

    I believe men and women are fundamentally different so should adhere to their own gender. Sure, women can do men stuff, and vice versa like minding the kids and going to work and that. I don’t support the prehistoric way of thinking that puts the woman in the kitchen. But I do support the fact that the man is the head of the household for example (because I’m a Christian and I believe in the bible).

  • Yes, even for gay couples.

    I strongly support traditional gender roles, even for gay couples (yes, I'm gay). If two men are in a relationship, then they ought to adopt gender roles as much as they can, with the more masculine partner (the "top") taking on the male role, and with the more feminine partner (the "bottom") taking on the female role. It's what comes naturally in a relationship, and we all would be happier if we embraced it instead of fighting it in the name of political correctness.

    That said, although I think gender roles should be the norm, I don't think they should be mandatory or forced on anyone. If someone wants to deviate from the norm, that's fine. At most they should get a raised eyebrow, not be shamed.

  • Yes but it should be up to the individual.

    I support gender roles because I was raised as a somewhat gentleman. I do however think that any individual who doesn't want to follow gender roles should be free to do so.
    We live in an enlightened age where either gender can assume any/most roles. If a person wishes to follow the traditional role of their gender though I will support that and I do not think they should be made to feel bad.
    What I do struggle with however is for an example.
    I was raised to open doors for women. Now I understand that women are just as capable at opening doors as men. I was just taught it's polite, I'm not looking for a fight! I'm not your enemy I'm just trying to be nice, sorry.
    I get it though. If one seems to be spending their entire life trying to fight this stereotype, then a timid guy ignorantly trying to be nice might be the last straw and an easy target to offload ones frustrations. We all do it in some form or another.
    So yes I support them but do not believe they should be compulsory.

  • Gender roles should be the norm, not a requirement.

    Gender roles have been formed in the first place because men and women are different and usually enjoy and excel at different things. We have been designed to form families using our unique roles. Women are usually more emotional and caring which helps with raising children. Men are usually stronger, so they are usually better at hunting/ getting a career.

    Obviously a woman could choose not to follow her gender roles, and she should be fully able to do that. We should not think less of people who deviate from the norm, but there should be a norm. Women who would naturally be happier as mothers raising children at home should not be pushed into a career that would make them less happy. Women who submit to their husbands should be allowed to do so just as men should submit to their wives. Husbands should be the leaders, but they should be wise leaders. If a couple chooses a different method, they should be allowed to do so, but the traditional model is the one that is most able to succeed for most people. It generally leads to happier people and a more productive society.

    Oddly enough, I think that, by eliminating traditional gender roles, feminists have created modern gender roles. Under the modern system, women are supposed to get a career just as a man and do just as well. While there are many women who do and should flourish under this system, many women would rather be housewives. However, women who would rather stay at home are actually now being ostracized for not fulfilling the modern gender role. Women should not be pressured to take any role by anyone, we should simply let them choose and allow the chips fall where they may. I believe, if this is done, most women would prefer the traditional model.

    Lastly, I support different gender roles because they serve to highlight the differences among the sexes. In their proper place, these roles should celebrate the differences between men and women and make the distinctions clear. Differences in clothing, for example, makes women and men easily identifiable, which of course is practical and makes society more efficient and more successful.

  • It's just natural.

    No one can deny the physical difference between men and women. The most obvious difference is that women are the only ones able to become pregnant and give birth, and men are the only ones able to get women pregnant. Tho men and woman are equal in attainable lower body strength, men have a higher potential in upper body strength. There is also the difference in thinking and hormones. Statistically, men tend to do much better in some areas like spacial awareness and women tend to do better in others such as social bonding. These differences give advantages in various roles. If we look at various groups around the world, the vast majority had placed men and women in specific roles from the ancient orient to early native Americans. Clearly our roles are just natural.

  • It's time to evolve

    Anybody can do anything, it's just a bad mental state that people has in his mind. This shouldn't be a voting, you should OPEN YOUR EYES and that's it. I mean, my wife is a hunter, she recently bought a rifle from and I just bought a cupcake maker because i love making desserts. Does this makes us a bad couple? No, it doesn't. We must respect each other and if you want to do something, you just DO IT, no matter the gender.

  • This is the 21st Century!

    People are changed people, and it is believed that there is no such thing as gender roles and each gender can do whatever they wish to do. No rules and no restrictions. Why can't women do what men do? Why can't men do what women do? Well, they can because we are now in a society where it is possible to do so. All of you people who believe in gender roles, it is time you take a look at the society you live in runs and face the reality.

  • No, I defiantly do not.

    Gender roles are something our society has made up to categorize people and make some people "better than others". It is by no means necessary for our species at all. If you look at young children, they don't make friends based on gender or anything else, they make friends (if without parent or sibling intervention) based on who seems nice. Therefore, gender roles are completely unnecessary.

  • They really shouldn't

    I used to go to girl scouts when I was younger and I thought it was complete crap. I hated all of the things we did, and whenever I would talk to one of my guyfriends, they would tell me about all the cool survival things they got to do and I was so jealous. Why should boys have to have the fun stuff while girls have flowers and baking and cleaning? It's the 21st century anyway, so gender roles should just be ignored

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