• Vote for donaldjtrump

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  • I support illegal immigrants! !!!!

    Illegal immigrants are the hardest working people the USA has!!!! They are faithful, hard working, Mexicans that bust their ass to make every penny they can!! It's not the illegal immigrants fault that Americans are lazy and don't want to work!!! Americans love to live off government money, always on welfare, medicaid, food assistance, etc......U don't see Mexicans asking for any help! They pay rent, bills, food, and any other necessities! They are not stealing from anybody, people who want to work will work any where there is employment!!! Does anyone know how many drop out American students there are in the USA????? They don't drop out because they don't have an opportunity to get an education, they drop out because they want to! Open your eyes people illegal immigrants only want something better for their families they are not here to cause problems or hurt anyone!

  • I completely agree with above statement

    I have worked with many of them and they work hard are polite and take pride in their work . Dividing of their families when someone gets deported after being ticketed for minor incident... They work hard and don't benefit from social security . They give more to the economy than they take away

  • Why play by the rules if the system is flawed?

    It takes years to get approved to immigrate to the US, precious years that these people can't back. It can cost up to $10,000 to immigrate legally. How, exactly, will someone who makes less than a dollar per day working in a sweatshop be able to afford such a hefty fee when they have a family to feed? What choice do they have to protect their children from poverty and starvation? Who are we as Americans to deny these poor people the basic necessities we all enjoy just because it means we may have to pay a little more in taxes or give up some of the luxuries we don't really deserve anyway. I love America, but I also hate poverty and the idle rich who refuse to share what they have with those who deserve it.

  • Borders are simply evil.

    As an animal that eats and breaths and lives on this earth you should never be confined to a border. This land is not MY land. The US is simply a mass of dirt that I am able to roam. As humans we have a natural right to roam wherever we want! The idea that LAND is entitled to a single human being or group of people is illogical. I'm not entitled to my front yard and you should not feel entitled to yours. I live in the United States and I am a "citizen" of the United States but this is not my country. I am not an american. I belong on earth not the US.

  • Yes I support immigration

    We should give people opportunities and lazy American don't do half the work immigrants do also they make up 10 percent of the population also provides diversity. Of course I believe we should send the criminals or drug dealers back but the rest are innocent and just come to the U.S for a better life and do more good than harm in our economy.

  • Yes, I do support illegal imigration

    Do you know why child labor exists? It's because they their parents don't have the money to feed their children. They are so poor that if they don't send their children away them, and their child will die. What will they do, they know that their child will be mistreated. If they don't migrate illegally they'll die with their son. They know even if their son gets out when he's eighteen he will have to illegally immigrate also or they'll die.

  • Yes, America was founded by immigrants

    Illegal is such a strong word. Just another way to say, "this is ours, you cant come in." I understand the need to have population control and accurate economic readings, but I think immigrants deserve to be here as much as we do. If the path wasn't so hard and expensive, they would just do it the normal way.

  • Put yourself in their shoes!!!

    I absolutely support illegal immigration, for those who don't, think of it this way, if the USA was a country where there was much poverty and you had a family to support and keep from starving, what would you do? And you knew that Mexico(for example) was prospering and booming and you would be able to find something that could earn you enough to feed you kids. You'd want to go legally but you don't speak Spanish and it takes time and money to do that, and and you don't have either. Now don't tell me you wouldn't go...
    We don't have any sort of idea of their situations. Even the ones bring drugs, you have no idea if they or their family is being threatened. Before you say you don't support it, turn the tables.

  • I support immigration

    I support immigration because many of these immigrants came here to get a better life. You also have to think about it because America was basically founded by immigrants. So, America are more open to immigrants than anything. We are also have FREEDOM of speech and rights. People come here because they might not have the laws or rules that we have today. The immigrants also known as People wants to come here to be in a safer enviroment and so they would not be so controlled by anyone.

  • What part of Illegal don't you get?

    You broke the law but insist on being a citizen? LOL are we actually considering letting that slide? It's such a stupid argument. Illegal immigration is what it is. It's illegal and violates the law. What else can be said? Supporters of it have nothing except "The US was founded by immigrants" - The laws have changed since the 18th century, my friends.

  • If it has the word illegal in it, I don't support it

    There is a reason we have borders between us and Mexico, there is a reason we only allow certain people into our great nation, first off when you allow people to just enter the U.S without legal consent, you compromise the homeland security of the nation, we have illegal immigrants shooting border guards so they can enter, that alone is a reason against, and second, the illegal immigrants that do enter the country are exempt from having to pay any taxes and they still get jobs for being a different ethnicity, America is the land of the free, but we have rules to make sure that freedom is still guaranteed

  • No, I do not support illegal immigration.

    I do not support illegal immigration because it is just that - illegal. It is committed by individuals who do not value our laws and moral codes of conduct in this country. Accepting illegal immigration not only devalues our laws and expectation of decorum, but also is a vast insult to everyone who has taken the time and respected this country enough to immigrate legally. If we support illegal invasion of our country by those who do not respect our laws or autonomy, then what other illegal acts will we be asked to become tolerant of later? Fraud? Arson? Murder? Illegal is illegal - respect the law and our country, and immigrate through legal channels.

  • No, I do not

    Illegal immigration is a burden on the state and a bonus to employers who want cheap, under the table labor. While I fully recognize the necessity of having immigrants around, I do not like the 'outsourcing' trend that is prevalent in our era. Further more, many of them utilize our public schools and resources without paying taxes. I am not against immigration, I am against inequality in the financial system.

  • Keyword ILLEGAL.. Think about it.

    I think that if people start to believe that illegal immigration is okay.. Then people will start to maybe believe that it is okay to break other laws. Everyone just needs to follow the rules; wait for their citizenship. It is just so much easier to follow the rules. Why don't people see that??

  • No. No. NO! Illegal immigration simply means lack of will to enforce the law, and lack of resource to do so.

    - 90 percent of cocaine enters the U.S. through the Mexican border.
    - The cartels also manufacture 80 percent of the crystal meth sold in America
    - Heroin use and overdose deaths have tripled in the US
    - The battle between Mexican drug cartels has spilled deeper into U.S. territory than anyone has imagined.
    - the number of civilian death as a result of drug wars out number those in the Middle East.
    - The boarder between Mexico and the US needs to be far more secure

  • Nooooo1111 just no

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  • What a kick in the teeth to law abiding citizens...

    Americans will be arrested and taken to jail for breaking the law but illegals are put up on a pedestal. Americans are put second to everyone in our own country. Let me put it this way. If your OK with illegal immigration, what if a stranger broke into your home, forced you to speak their language, took 30 percent of what you own and said deal with it? I don't know about you but my family and my home comes first. I obey the law, I pay taxes, I respect America...What illegals can say that?

  • Logic is needed

    Layman's terms
    The more you eat, the fuller you get. When you are too full, you will vomit. Yes, immigration can be a good thing, but regulations is needed for a country. If there is too much ILLEGIAL immigrants, it brings a disadvantage to the people who use legal terms to get into our country, since housing, jobs and healthcare are taken by immigrants who illegially crossed the country.

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