Do you support the free the nipple movement? Why or Why not?

Asked by: hl147
  • Free the nipple

    The free the nipple movement is a campaign to spread awareness about gender inequality and how the inherent teachings of sexualising breasts are more the problem than the breasts themselves. Nipples should be allowed in public places where men are allowed to be top less to break the stigma that women should be covered up or they are to please men.

  • Not for it.

    This is a load of crap that modern day feminism has caused yet again. All this b.S. "gender inequality" stuff is stupid.

    Q. Are you aware men earn more than woman? Isn't that sexist?
    A. Are YOU aware men make up the majority of plumbers, garbage men, and other ill favored jobs? No it's not sexist. Woman PHYSICALLY cannot do the same jobs or work as men. Not sexist, just natural.

    As for this "well men can show their nipples in public". Yea, and guys show their junk in rated R movies, but if a woman did it's rated X. Is it sexist to objectify men like that?

    And let's talk about "objectification". It's a stupid phrase feminists use to say that they're somehow oppressed. But the thing is, modern feminism seems to push woman TOWARDS being objectified. Old feminism was against pornography because in that industry woman are basically there for man's pleasure. Old feminism was against a woman (or man) having many partners so that their would be a real emotional connection between those consenting. Old feminism was against alcohol because husbands would go home and beat their wives if they got drunk. Old feminism was against abortion because the government had no right to support the killing of another aspect of her.

    MODERN feminism supports women being whores and having abortions because "it's their body".
    MODERN feminism supports this drunken party culture we have because "live and let live"
    MODERN feminism supports porn because it's the one industry where woman can dominate competition.

    So yes, I am wholeheartedly against modern day feminism,
    and yea, I'm against woman showing their tits in public because "it's their body"

  • Dependent on attitudes

    My attitude is one of disapproving for both men and women who are topless in public. I would rather see a change in the amenities for activities such as breastfeeding than trying to remove an attitude as its more plausible and doesn't involve an attempt to normalise something sexual for many people.

  • Too low on the totem pole

    For us to be even arguing about it at the moment. There are too many more important things to be addressed in regards to equality to be debating on whether that erogenous zone should be visible in public.

    At the moment I'm mostly ambivalent about it, however I feel that this debate would detract from more important issues. I'm temporarily against it but open to the possibility after other things have been completely settled.

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