Do you support the idea of redistribution of wealth?

  • Major class divisions

    There are major class divisions in the United States of America. The income gap between the middle class in this nation compared to the highest class is absolutely ridiculous, and that's not to take into account the poorest of Americans. These people do not need their millions, and just a small amount of redistribution will help cure poverty.

  • Economic Inequality is Not a "Right"

    During the past thirty years the distribution of wealth in American society has become increasingly unequal. The nation was founded by "We the People." Attaining the highest level of good for the people as a whole is the fundamental purpose of the American government. Today's great economic inequality represents a failure by the government to fulfill its purpose. This situation can only be remedied by some redistribution of wealth so that the large majority of American people have the means to live comfortably.

  • Yes I Do

    I do support the idea of redistribution of wealth. I believe some of the people who are wealthy today are only in that position because they stepped on the backs of millions of people and essentially left them for dead. A prime example being the owners of Wal-Mart. It only takes so much money to survive on this planet, I couldn't care less if someone loses the opportunity to buy a 50 million dollar house.

  • No, economic redistribution wouldn't work.

    Even though in an ideal situation the idea of wealth being evenly distributed sounds wonderful, this sounds way too much like the ideals of communism. The United States operates as a democracy and, supposedly, trickle-down economics. That being said, I wish that we could change our culture to such a degree that people of different financial brackets would not form cliques that rarely associate outside their own sphere. It's important for people of all classes to coexist and help one another.

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