• I will always suport

    I get that many people make false accusations and it does ruin it for other victims, but we shouldn't just forget about the real victims. The movement was originally made for the victims that had said no and got violated, and all these people coming forward are strong and brave. Why should we let these fake people distract us from the true victims who have been silent for so long. I get that the fake people do ruin it for the true victims, but the people who stop supporting the movement to also ruin it for them too, because those people gave on those victims who have been through hell

  • It's gotten out of control.

    It was good when it started, but some people have tried taking advantage of the situation with it. Declaring untrue accusations, whilst being backed by this movement is almost a guaranteed win wether it is true or not. Even if it doesn't result in legal repercussions, it can still gravely hurt someones's reputation

  • Attention seekers willing to ruin people's lives, just because...

    The Me Too movement has gotten way out of control. I'll be honest with you, at the start of the Weinstein scandal, I was for the Me Too movement, but then quickly left after it got completely out of hand. More people's lives are ruined just because of a little mishap they did years ago that shouldn't matter now that was reported by members of the Me Too Movement, and it needs to end! If this doesn't end, men are going to be dominated by women in society, and men will be just like women 200 years ago. Men won't have a right to a full education, a good high-paying job, voting rights, etcetera! If we don't stop the Me Too Movement, sex equality is going to be wiped out, and the balance scale will tip to women. We cannot let this happen! Let us end the Me Too Movement and their annoying shenanigans!

  • It assumes guilt.

    Spokespeople for the movement always say how these women must be believed, like there is no chance that it may not be true. One look at the Duke lacrosse trial would see that this is sometimes the case. What is worse is that an innocent person's life can be ruined by allegation alone.
    This whole movement got started with Harvey Weinstein. Granted, he is likely guilty of abusing his position to gain sexual favors but you can't say the alleged victims hands are all clean. The casting couch is far from a secret. Various actresses and even actor likely knew that submitting to such behavior meant they would get parts or better roles. Obviously they profited from these interactions so they have some share of the blame. I wouldn't doubt if some actresses even initiated such actions to gain favor.
    As far as the allegations that have already been settled, like those of congressmen, the settlement was conditional that they can not make the allegations public. Basically, they are paid to avoid charges, true or false, from being made public. Seeing that this was a legal arrangement that these women broke, shouldn't they have to pay back the money that was the other part of the agreement? The issue there is that it becomes a matter that involves the courts. Sure, if the government official is found guilty, they may pay even more but if they are not, the alleged victim may not only be out the money they had but could be open to slander. This means another problem with the #metoo movement intends to punish people regardless of truth and punish them twice should it be true. Neither is fair.

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