Do you support the supreme court decision on Net Neutrality? (FCC vs ISP Services) If you were to testify, what would your argument be?

  • It admittedly is obscurity, however it is entrusted that regulatory rules and over watch of ISP services will not be a burden.

    I believe internet access should be treated like any other telecom service, that internet speeds should not limit access for those with the wrong provider being outcompeted or sabotaged by the provider. I also agree to the extension of Net Neutrality to mobile devices and data. 100 thousand people sent letters to the FCC to plead that they take action against AT&T and Comcast for "violating the agency's Open Internet order by offering so-called zero-rating service plans." Its like premium plans, and the FCC won't negate this business model, just scrutinize it to make sure it really is what people bargained for.

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