• I think he wished he didn't do it, but in a bit of rage he killed her.

    He was often with her after school, and was known to be heartbroken after they broke up. I believe they intended to have a conversation the day of the murder, Adnan became irritate in the car while they were speaking, he attacked her in a blind rage, and decided he had to kill her so it wouldn't become public knowledge that he attacked her in the car.

  • He is guilty because he is lying about facts

    *2 Witnesses and himself told police he asked Hae for a ride, then he recanted
    *He saiys he didn't remember that day, yet he remembers a silly conversation with Asia?
    *He and Hae had sex after school at best buy regularly, so lying about Hae not having time after school

  • The killer of Hae Min Lee has been found

    Hae Min Lee was a Woodlawn High School senior in Baltimore, Maryland who was the victim of murder by manual strangulation. Adnan Masud Syed, her ex-boyfriend, was convicted of first degree murder. I think he's guilty since he had such a close relationship with her and so would have the best access to her in order to commit the murder.

  • Yes, he is capable.

    I believe anyone is capable of murdering anyone. If he had access and he had the means, than he might have murdered her. There was enough evidence to convict him the first time, but that's evidence may have been fake or false. I don't know if he did murder her, but I think he could have.

  • No, there is enough doubt.

    In the court of law, you are presumed innocent before guilty, and there needs to be enough evidence to prove you guilty. The jury is also supposed to judge based on how much doubt there is and if they see reasonable doubt, they are supposed to vote innocent. I definitely see reasonable doubt, and there is much of it to be seen.

  • I am unaware of much of the evidence.

    I do not know much about this case so I cannot say whether or not he is guilty of murdering Hae Min Lee. Personally, I like to err on the side caution when it comes to things like this, so I would probably determine that he was innocent if i had to choose.

  • I'm not too familiar with the case.

    However, I am the kind who tends to think innocent till proven guilty. But there are times I will have to say that I knew the person was guilty as sin. For example Charles Manson, it was why are we bothering with a trial just put him in jail already and throw away the key. Jodi Arias, she admitted her guilt yet we spent tons of money on her trial proving she didn't do it in self defense than twice on her sentencing phase. So, there are times I know the person is guilty here I am not certain.

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