Do you think Batman: The Killing Joke ios sexist?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • Male Driven Rape Scenes Are Mot Empowering

    As a young girl, I had a voracious appetite for comics. I would spend hours shuffling through the shelves at my local library, until one day I happened upon "The Killing Joke." I read it and then, eventually, reached the infamous rape scene with Barbara Gordon. I remember that, even though I was 14 and watching a woman be exposed to sexual and physical violence, I wasn't phased. I just thought, "this is normal." Looking back, I realize just how harmful this comic and sexist violence in comics as a whole was to me as I was growing up. To me, it was perfectly normal to see Barbara Gordon shot, paralyzed, and photographed naked, because what else would happen? She's a woman in comics. This comic is sexist and damaging.

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