• Yes it is.

    Being shy can lead to many difficulties. Such as inability to find a new job, asking strangers for actual help, express your thoughts or ideas, speak louder in a loud public place, look mature/tough. Basically it makes you insecure, small and pathetic. Shy people take too much time belittling themselves then actually trying to solve it themselves. Smile with a look of steel.

  • No its not

    People have the right to be shy there are very good reason to be shy and you can't always get your hopes up either so sometimes it is best to be shy because nothing is guaranteed to be the way you like it to be and anything can happen so you shouldn't always assumed that things are going to go your way

  • Being shy is perhaps better.

    I am not religious but even the bible states "the meek shall inherit the Earth"

    Shy people are far more conscientious of others than aggressive or even assertive people. They typically do not put their needs before the needs of others. Shy people do not typically push their worldviews or agenda's on others nor do they seek to control others. Shy people tend not to display many of the negative social traits of those who are not shy.

  • No its not its a good thing

    Being shy is a good thing. Shy people don't argue and fight with people they just keep to themselves. Shy people don't talk to much while people are busy which is a distraction and annoyance. Shy people don't create noise complaints. Shy people don't interrupt. Shy people care what people think of them so they are well behaved unlike some people that are not shy. Shy people don't say mean things about people because they don't want to hurt their feelings. Shy people have empathy and are sensitive.

  • Taking a step back can be very beneficial

    Shyness is only a response when feeling insecure, discomfort or lack of trust in a given social situation, mostly because of reinforced negative feedback (but not as traumatic as someone dealing with anxiety). I think it's a suitable reaction to be overly cautious until those feelings are resolved as to not exacerbate them further.

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