• Fuc yeah cuhz

    Dey thank dis b is like diamond n gold shiz krazy free my niqqa pom pom, jerry ,
    Big head, tutu, lil john, lor steve, jaequan, daequan, lor dae dae, koolie, young C, D money, and rip jojo, lor shoota and my brova quan. B.I.P to my big homie nick n Grimace

  • She's not worth the praise

    Not a fan of her music but that's not my problem with her. I think the level of praise heaped on her is too much for virtually anyone. She doesn't write her own music and on top of that, when she tried to honour the black panthers and Malcolm X, she failed miserably. I don't think a middle aged woman gyrating in fish net tights is befitting of legends whose entire agenda was to do with dignity.

  • She is different

    She think she is so artistic or something enough for her to think people can listen to a whole music video of her just talking no really singing.
    She older songs were really good...And earned the "queen b" name or whatever. But her songs these days arn't her anymore.. Where's the old beyonce..It's like who is she her song types and the way sings just completely changed and I don't have a clue what she's trying to say in her lyrics anymore.

  • Mediocre at best

    If it not for her beauty she would be long gone. Her songs are throw away pop trash and she is dumb as a stump. Her voice it pretty good but nowhere near as good as all the praise that are heaped on her and her dopey looking no talent husband JayZero.

  • I dont wanna be a dick but its true

    She's not such an artit, she's more a performer and honestly she's sort of plastic and her performance isnt great at all, she tries to make you think of that, and America ooses her shit with every tiny thhing she does and omg the fandom there's a lot of nice people it's true but then god there are the basic bitches who use empty argumnts to feed the idea that Beyoncé is a Goddess they use evrything even race, and honestly it just make you wanna cry over their lack of critic. There are better singers and performes such as Florence Welch, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse (R.I.P) and even Lady Gaga .

  • She's overrated af

    Beyoncé's songs are nothing special but all her fans are overhyping it. She's past her prime or at least she should be. And she just can't pull the young look off anymore. She's not "queen b" nor a legend. Just another mediocre singer that's past their prime but overhyped by her fans who haven't heard great and actually good quality music. Her fans should check out some actually good singers and then listen to Beyoncé's songs and then they'll realize that she's nothing special but she's just another overrated, mediocre, and nothing but an average person oh hear on the radio.

  • Music has no hits and is not vey good/entertaining.

    I tried listening to all her songs and in the end not one song left me saying yes that is a hit. Would be very disappointed if I bought her CD because I would listen one time and never have the desire to play it again. I agree with other comment I read that years from now people will say the generation that listened to her music must not know what good music is.

  • Why does the media call her a "good" role model for girls?

    I have never understood this. Some of her most popular songs has some of the most derogatory lyrics and profanity ever. How is singing about a man "surfboarding you" something young girls should look up too? Or singing "Bow down bitches"??? Or singing "I f*^& my man good then take him to red lobsters"??

    She also over-sexualizes herself in music videos and on stage. How is playing a "sex kitten" a good role model for young girls? If your a role model and a respectable artist with real talent, you dont have to sexualize your image and sell sex as your marketing point. A lot of her brand has a lot of negative stereotypes about sexuality and femininity that young women should not be modeling. IMO, Beyonce benefits from marketing and industry pandering. She is way overrated.

  • Very very overrated

    Beyoncé is extremely overrated and overhyped. She is unoriginal and a big copycat who gets away with it by proclaiming to be a feminist and a black-rights supporter, when in fact she is neither. She does everything she can to stay in the limelight by first marrying jayz and second pretending to be pregnant and showing off her bump for shock value. She has poor album sales but for some reason this is overlooked. Anything negative about her is overlooked by the media and public when it doesn't paint a good image of her but she's got a great marketing team around her to squash any negativity, i.e. The same team that requested for websites to take down her hideous Super Bowl pictures. She's a big fake fame whore.

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  • Bey Bye Bye

    Beyoncé is the most over rated artist ever. I remember seeing her and destinys child play 16 years ago and felt the same even then. The media have over hyped her way too much. She uses social issues for her own gain in creating shock. Music is dead and there is little hope for a future.

  • She was NEVER overrated.

    She was never overrated - she sings really beautifully and her REAL passionate songs (If I Were A Boy, Disappear, Listen, Flaws and All, etc.) are all emotionally to her. She writes them from her heart and she decided to share them with you guys. Most of you decide to hate on her because you judge her on those other songs anyway - Single Ladies, Get Me Bodied, Run The World. Those songs are for your entertainment but you all are too much of a disgrace to see that.

  • Unique voice and song

    Her songs are so unique with her own style. Starting with irreplaceable, a song state out a strong woman. Then, halo, showing out her stong voice and great singing skills. Last, self title gave out a very special style and songs like pretty hurt is pretty insprial. Beyonce is not overrate

  • She is not just an artist but a businesswoman and a marketer

    She has come out with several hits and managed to stay in the spotlight... Similar to Kanye west and even her husband jay z, above average music with great marketing skills. She isn't that overrated, not compared to the one hit wonders that you will typically find in modern music.

  • Beyonce Has Earned Her Reputation

    Beyonce isn't underrated because she has sold millions of albums and had tons of number one singles. While she's incredibly popular in the United States, she's even more so throughout the rest of the world. She has earned the right to be so popular as an entertainer, so she's not overrated.

  • Beyonce is definitely not overrated

    She deserves to be where she is. Her singing voice is amazing, and it is natural because you can see clips of her singing at 14 and it was amazing too. Beyonce is very talented, much more so than many of the artists of today. And she does not look the same in every video. Compare freakum dress vs single ladies vs green light vs drunk in love.

  • No, Beyonce is a strong female role model.

    Beyonce has always been a women to look up to. As a strong, successful woman, she is a role model to girls all over the world. She teaches young girls to be confident and love themselves for who they are. She advocates or natural beauty and women's rights. She is also one of the most successful women in the music industry.

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