• She's not that special

    Sure, Beyonce is pretty and a nice voice but she ain't that special. I don't know what's the hype about her, she has some hits (like many other artists) and she looks fine (again like many other artists) but what's so special about her?? Her songs in Lemonade aren't even that good, and without the fabulous costumes and back up dancers, she would honestly look so stupid. I think people should calm down and stop exaggerating her greatness so much.

  • Ugh so overrated

    Ok beyonce does have a nice voice i will give her that but all of these people hype her up for no reason at all. She is a normal singer and honestly i hate most of her songs. People say she is unique and amazing but i just dont see it. Also she really isnt that pretty and i hate the hype over all of her kids. Cause honestly they all suck and so does jay z

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  • She's talented in certain ways.

    Her talent lies in knowing how to market herself, and how to skirt the line between 'sex sells' and 'girl power'. She has a good voice, but not top of the line. She's a good dancer, but nowhere near the best. In pure musical terms, she is above average, at most.

  • She's talented in certain ways.

    Her talent lies in knowing how to market herself, and how to skirt the line between 'sex sells' and 'girl power'. She has a good voice, but not top of the line. She's a good dancer, but nowhere near the best. In pure musical terms, she is above average, at most.

  • Too many pieces to the puzzle

    She had something like 72 ghost writers on Lemonade. That alone shows a lack of personal creativity. Half of being an artist and not just a performer is the lyrical creativity to produce original work. The other half is putting on a good show. But even there she uses countless backup dancers and such. At this point the spectacle of Beyoncé overpowers her music which is mediocre, and she must know this if she has to put on such extravagant shows to distract from it. It's time for a new Queen because Beyoncé is on the downward curve of her career.

  • (slightly above) Mediocre at best

    There is no denying that Beyonce is talented. She is a preformer, knows how to put on a good show. She also has a pretty nice singing voice. People are drawn to her confidenceand energy, it's sexy in an unspoken way. I can see her appeal. However, I find that Beyonce lacks the creativity, originality, and mastery of her "craft" to be considered an artist/a genuine musician. Her songs are all written for her by a huge team of songwriters and producers and the music is decreasing in staying-power and overall enjoyability as the years go on. I'm also really sick of all the hype and the media comstantly shoving their Beyonce obsession down everyone else's throat. I feel like a lot of people call her "queen" and all that because that's all they know what to think, it's what the media is spreading to the masses and it's what everyone is believeing rather than examining her credibility. Last but not least, the comparisons to Michael Jackson really irk me, as MJ was an innovative creative genius who put his heart and soul into his work and Beyonce just doesn't match up.

  • Because she is

    She's quite simply ineffective. Looks are mediocre at best. She named her own child 'Blue Ivy'. She tried ripping off Malick in the worst way possible in Lemonade (Which was almost a complete mess due to it's overstated subject matter, direction, and the songs. There were some moments of inspiration, but they were minor, all in all.) Single Ladies stinks. Countdown and Drunk In Love are her only good songs. The rest are crap. The underlying meaning of some her songs is somewhat significant in it's own terms, but the evocation of that meaning proves unsuccessful, due to repititive lyrics and a sheer lack in prowess.

  • She is really dragging it!!

    I really don't like the way she acts and she needs to slow down and take care of her damn children. Like at the Grammy's when that chair went back I was like "Stop....Stop". Was it wrong for me to wish at that moment to wish she would fall (well I was). This bitch really needs to slow down and chill. And stop wearing weave like no bitch!

  • All Hype no substance

    If she stood up and sang without backup dancers, revealing costumes and shaking herself all over she wouldn't be anybody. That is the problem with the most famous female entertainers. They don't have any talent, so they rely on gimmicks. Bring back the days of rock and roll when bands and singers could play without having special mikes and background to cover up their lack of talent.

  • Just because she's a female

    She's just over hyped bcs shes's an independent strong female and her fans think that its hard for a female to achieve that. Her songs are mediocre. Her old songs were good, the new ones are considerably bad. She sings good i wont deny that but they hype and attention she gets is as if she's god to them. Imbeciles.

  • Bey Bye Bye

    Beyoncé is the most over rated artist ever. I remember seeing her and destinys child play 16 years ago and felt the same even then. The media have over hyped her way too much. She uses social issues for her own gain in creating shock. Music is dead and there is little hope for a future.

  • She was NEVER overrated.

    She was never overrated - she sings really beautifully and her REAL passionate songs (If I Were A Boy, Disappear, Listen, Flaws and All, etc.) are all emotionally to her. She writes them from her heart and she decided to share them with you guys. Most of you decide to hate on her because you judge her on those other songs anyway - Single Ladies, Get Me Bodied, Run The World. Those songs are for your entertainment but you all are too much of a disgrace to see that.

  • Unique voice and song

    Her songs are so unique with her own style. Starting with irreplaceable, a song state out a strong woman. Then, halo, showing out her stong voice and great singing skills. Last, self title gave out a very special style and songs like pretty hurt is pretty insprial. Beyonce is not overrate

  • She is not just an artist but a businesswoman and a marketer

    She has come out with several hits and managed to stay in the spotlight... Similar to Kanye west and even her husband jay z, above average music with great marketing skills. She isn't that overrated, not compared to the one hit wonders that you will typically find in modern music.

  • Beyonce Has Earned Her Reputation

    Beyonce isn't underrated because she has sold millions of albums and had tons of number one singles. While she's incredibly popular in the United States, she's even more so throughout the rest of the world. She has earned the right to be so popular as an entertainer, so she's not overrated.

  • Beyonce is definitely not overrated

    She deserves to be where she is. Her singing voice is amazing, and it is natural because you can see clips of her singing at 14 and it was amazing too. Beyonce is very talented, much more so than many of the artists of today. And she does not look the same in every video. Compare freakum dress vs single ladies vs green light vs drunk in love.

  • No, Beyonce is a strong female role model.

    Beyonce has always been a women to look up to. As a strong, successful woman, she is a role model to girls all over the world. She teaches young girls to be confident and love themselves for who they are. She advocates or natural beauty and women's rights. She is also one of the most successful women in the music industry.

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