• She's not who she used to be

    I like her old music a lot better. When she was in destinies child and all that. However, she's just another singer who isn't the best anymore. There is a lot of talent better than her out there today.The thing that I hate about her the most is her fans. They are so sensitive and don't know what criticism is almost like an extreme feminist ( Keyword "extreme" so not all feminists.)

  • She's not who she used to be

    I like her old music a lot better. When she was in destinies child and all that. However, she's just another singer who isn't the best anymore. There is a lot of talent better than her out there today.The thing that I hate about her the most is her fans. They are so sensitive and don't know what criticism is almost like an extreme feminist ( Keyword "extreme" so not all feminists.)

  • Why Is She So Special?

    I used to be a Beyonce fan until she became "Overrated" . What makes her so special?! She is just your typical celebrity leaving a band and becoming a celebrity ! We get it Beyonce! We get it! You can't be on the stakeout for other talented celebrities . Overrated

  • Beyonce is ok.

    So many people are giving The Grammys so much shit for giving the award to Adele... Get your head out of your ass. Beyonce has had her time. Yes, shes a good singer, and she was better before but a singer is a singer because of their vocals, not because of the crazy theatrical stuff that happens when they perform. Adele's performances are just her and her voice yet she manages to blow everyone away and she is also a much better vocalist than Beyonce.

  • Beyonce is good, but by no means is she queen.

    Beyonce is a great singer, but queen? Really? A singer is a singer because of their vocals and how good they are at singing. Beyonce is good but sing to the lengths of calling her queen is ridiculous. People worship her like she's some god and almost all of her performances are so ''amazing'' due to the crazy theatrical shit that happens. There are so many other better singers out there that deserve just as much, if not more hype than her.

  • I don't get it, actually I do

    As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist I was APALLED the first time I heard Beyonces music....Especially after YEARS of seeing her in the public spotlight and having her name crammed in my face my constant media bombardment. I don't get it, actually I do get it...Her hype is just that, hype, marketing, and political propaganda. Her "singing" is mediocre, the music and melodies barely count as music, and I don't care for the raunchy "dancing" spectacles. I have more talent than her, her writing team, and her production staff combined....Yet SHE is a millionaire and I live check to check, waking up early every day driving to a "joe job". I was born in the wrong decade. Had I been at my current musical level in the 60s, 70s, or even 80s, or early 90s I could've "made it". I have a family, I can't be out there touring, playing open mics, or spending hours apon hours on youtube and social media. The millennial generation has no taste or appetite for a white male innovator of music. I'm sorry to dig on millennials, I mean I'm in my mid-30s so I'm not too removed from that age group, but they just have know radar for originality or true creativity. Anyways, I was really put off when I heard Beyoncé's music, I mean it wasn't just "overrated" it was BAD! They say 'taste in art and music is subjective', frankly that line is a little played out and meaningless when you account for actual musical literacy and taste. All things are NOT equal! Sorry kiddies, Beyoncé SUCKS!

  • Seriously? Way overrated!

    This is just another pretty girl with a mic and dancers that also lip syncs marketed labled wrapped up in a pretty little bow bought and paid for by you pop star. Doing a live performance at an awards show in a self absorbed gold half naked getup very pregnant with a tilted chair stage stunt does not equal GREATNESS...Maybe if she could just stand and actually sing and stop it with circus sideshow performances she would and could actually win better awards. She is not a Whitney Houston!! That was a singer..Put a pretty dress on give her a mic and woman could give you a MEMORABLE GREAT GRAMMY PERFORMANCE! HUGE DIFFERENCE! That is why Adele won! Now go back and look at the differences . Beyonce is hype...And credit mega rich from sampling other real artists recycling and hypocrisy 😉😉😝😜😜

  • Adele deserved the award more.

    Is it the issue that Beyoncé is black and Adele is white??
    I hope not... That is ridiculous.
    I believe that Adele may not do all the stage stuff that Beyoncé does but she doesn't have to because she is a better singer.
    She writes her own songs... My understanding is that Beyoncé does not
    Regardless. I really like Beyoncé howver I believe she is over rated ... Hyped for the wrong reasons.

  • Total over-hyped garbage!

    This bimbo has never been more than a propped up so-called "artist'! She couldn't write a shopping list much less real music! All of her albums are filled with countless writers and producers hired to make look like a real musician and singer-songwriter.
    Her music is completely forgettable and doesn't hold up with time at all. She steals her dance moves, the video for the anemic "Lemonade" was a direct rip off of a short movie and despite promoting her "blackness" she appears whiter every year. She's just a true hypocrite and fraud!

  • Another Media Annoyance

    Beyoncé is a decent singer at best. She has climbed to this ridiculous "queen" status by the media. How about trying to give other artists with more talent some attention. Anyone talk to Kelly Rowland lately? I'm sure she'd have a ton to say about Beyonces greed for status and attention. Ick.

  • Just because she's a female

    She's just over hyped bcs shes's an independent strong female and her fans think that its hard for a female to achieve that. Her songs are mediocre. Her old songs were good, the new ones are considerably bad. She sings good i wont deny that but they hype and attention she gets is as if she's god to them. Imbeciles.

  • Bey Bye Bye

    Beyoncé is the most over rated artist ever. I remember seeing her and destinys child play 16 years ago and felt the same even then. The media have over hyped her way too much. She uses social issues for her own gain in creating shock. Music is dead and there is little hope for a future.

  • She was NEVER overrated.

    She was never overrated - she sings really beautifully and her REAL passionate songs (If I Were A Boy, Disappear, Listen, Flaws and All, etc.) are all emotionally to her. She writes them from her heart and she decided to share them with you guys. Most of you decide to hate on her because you judge her on those other songs anyway - Single Ladies, Get Me Bodied, Run The World. Those songs are for your entertainment but you all are too much of a disgrace to see that.

  • Unique voice and song

    Her songs are so unique with her own style. Starting with irreplaceable, a song state out a strong woman. Then, halo, showing out her stong voice and great singing skills. Last, self title gave out a very special style and songs like pretty hurt is pretty insprial. Beyonce is not overrate

  • She is not just an artist but a businesswoman and a marketer

    She has come out with several hits and managed to stay in the spotlight... Similar to Kanye west and even her husband jay z, above average music with great marketing skills. She isn't that overrated, not compared to the one hit wonders that you will typically find in modern music.

  • Beyonce Has Earned Her Reputation

    Beyonce isn't underrated because she has sold millions of albums and had tons of number one singles. While she's incredibly popular in the United States, she's even more so throughout the rest of the world. She has earned the right to be so popular as an entertainer, so she's not overrated.

  • Beyonce is definitely not overrated

    She deserves to be where she is. Her singing voice is amazing, and it is natural because you can see clips of her singing at 14 and it was amazing too. Beyonce is very talented, much more so than many of the artists of today. And she does not look the same in every video. Compare freakum dress vs single ladies vs green light vs drunk in love.

  • No, Beyonce is a strong female role model.

    Beyonce has always been a women to look up to. As a strong, successful woman, she is a role model to girls all over the world. She teaches young girls to be confident and love themselves for who they are. She advocates or natural beauty and women's rights. She is also one of the most successful women in the music industry.

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