Do you think books will ever be replaced with ebooks?

  • If the actual features are clear, yes

    EBooks have advantages over books - they are delivered quickly and with Kindle you can still bookmark and save your place as well as take notes, but also look up the content that will sometimes be embedded, search an entire book, go to another part of the book in the blink of an eye, have it delivered instantly, still loan it via e-mail and have it on every screen. Books are still mostly a matter of looking at texts and comprehending it. If eBooks tend to exceed books in many ways and they can be more accessible, why not?

  • They already have

    Books, like records or 35mm film, will continue to live on well after they have been replaced by the dominant, and inferior, digital form, but at a certain point we will no longer be printing words onto paper. Digitalization has made things more efficient and convenient for us at the sake of artistry.

  • Saves Trees, Saves Money

    E-books are much more cost-effective to make since the bulk of the costs from bestsellers comes from printing them on paper. So, books will eventually be replaced simply because the technology is there to replace tree-killing paper and that's the wave of the future. The only people who still read paper books are older citizens who still like the feel and smell of a traditional book. Barnes & Noble is closing stores right and left, so e-books will eventually the norm rather than the exception until traditional books are phased out in the next 20 years.

  • Ebooks allow ease of use.

    The idea that libraries with shelves upon shelves of books may be disappearing is still premature. Ebooks are certainly gaining popularity as advancements in Ereaders allow for simpler and practical use. Ebooks are starting to be used as textbooks in college. It is simpler and faster to do a search for a quote on the internet than it is to flip through pages. Regular books will still be around, but the printing of new books is definitely slowing.

  • Print books are yours for life and you can't wrap up and give an ebook as a gift.

    Print books are better for your health because ebooks require more concentration t h h h h a a a a a n n n n k k k k y y y y y o o o o u u u u u u ! ! ! ! !

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that an actual book that you can get will be replaced by an e book. I think that e books are a lot harder to read, and that the people would rather go and get an actual book to sit and read to pass time.

  • Books will always be around

    Ebooks are getting more popular each year and gaining on traditional books but t hey will never replace regular books completely. Some people will always want to hold and have a physical book that they can read through and look at photos in. Traditional books will become less popular but they won't go away completely.

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