Do you think burning forests to build plantations to satisfy the world's demand for palm oil will cause the extinction of orangutans?

  • Yes, palm oil production may cause the extinction of orangutans.

    Yes, the palm oil industry has already ruined vast amounts of orangutan habitat, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Attempts to rein in the devastation is, and will likely continue to be, high ineffective, since orangutans live in some of the most corrupt regions in the world. The palm oil industry have deeper pockets than environmental organizations, meaning any national or international efforts to halt the development is doomed to wither away as the bribes flow.

  • Yes, unfortunatelly. The palm oil has changed the landscape enormously.

    One day, only the ants and the cockroaches will inhabit the planet. We will have destroyed all else, including the human species. Their overwhelming desire for money and power trumps all else. Palm oil has changed the landscape enormously. Very depressing thinking about it now and how it will be in the future.

  • Yes, deforestation contributes to orangutan extinction.

    The burning of forests - an act of deforestation - impacts the lives of orangutans. While such deforestation is utilized in order to create space for plantations that are central to the world's palm oil industry, it also neglects the conservation status of orangutan species, particularly in Borneo and Sumatra. Both species of orangutan local to these countries are endangered, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Their greatest threat is habitat loss due to the deforestation previously mentioned. Palm oil is a global essential for the manufacturing and production of various items ranging from food products to hygiene products; and as the International Orangutan Foundation suggests, the palm oil industry is unavoidable and undeniable with regards to its impact within the global economic system. For this reason, burning forests to create plantations is seen as a necessity. But, yet again, this ignores the impact of the plantations on the survival of orangutans that rely on the environment where palm oil also thrives. Based on this understanding, I believe it is a clear-cut notion that burning forests for palm oil plantations will cause the extinction of orangutans. Even if it may be overshadowed by the world's demand for palm oil - a very human-centered concern - it is apparent and requires notice.

  • No, this will not cause the extinction of orangutans.

    Burning forests to build plantations is always a controversial subject with conservationists and environmentalists. Yes, society needs to do a better job of protecting the Earth's natural resources. However, harvesting some resources does not mean that it will lead to the extinction of something. Orangutans will not become extinct just by destroying some forests to build plantations. The Earth is actually quite resilient and can sustain a lot of change.

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