Do you think children as young as 4-7 years old should learn at least another language or two because of their brain willing to learn?

Asked by: joshuar1996
  • Yes i do think they should

    It'll be awesome and a great attribute for kids to learn more than one or two languages, especially when they're under 7 because they have the ability to soak a lot more information than a teenager and also it would be a lot more better to connect with other people who's first language might not be english .

  • Mandatory Multilingual Pre-schools

    Children from the ages 4-7 don't possess the concentration skills necessary to study another language. That's why we should have multilingual pre-schools. Spanish/english for example. When learning the language is almost necessary for communication, and one listens to it every day, the child learns it automatically. Furthermore, this system will benefit both those coming from english-speaking families as well as ones coming from other families. And the best part - no funds have to be used for teaching the language.

  • I think it is not necessary to learn another language,children between 4-7

    I says because a child starts their education from 4. Which mean they are starting to learn their mother tongue correctly. Only after learn their mother tongue , They could learn another language. .. .. ... .. . ... ... ... ... .. .. ... . .... . .. ..

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