• Yes, they will.

    Despite all the politcal turmoil in the country, they did an excellent job the last time that they hosted the Olympics. There is reason to believe that they will do just as good of a job the next time they are given the opportunity. The country is full of many hardworking people.

  • Yes, China will be a good winter olympics games host.

    Yes, China will be a good winter Olympics games host. The atmosphere is China is great, making it an ideal and suitable place to host intense sport and team games. Gymnastics, bobsled racing, and pole vaulting are just some of the activities that will work very well in China, wherever it may be.

  • Yes, China will probably be a good Winter Olympic Games host

    Yes, China will probably be a good Winter Olympic Games host. China gets the games in six years. The country has already hosted the Summer Olympics recently so it knows what it needs to do to make the Olympics successful. The country will do all that it can to shine on the world stage.

  • Absolutely not, no

    Why is this even a question?

    I am absolutely horrified and disgusted by this country, China, who the majority of them agree with torturing animals, particularly dogs, before they eat them. This is not a myth unfortunately. I've seen way too many videos and I belong to many groups that try to fight all the Asian dog festivals. Its a horrific and brutal ritual. I will never look at Asian countries the same after learning all of this. I am so scared and jaded by them and if you ever seen these video's, which there are actually a million of them, you would feel the same way. People in the dog rescue world like myself are trying to get our government to boycott the Olympics in any of the Asian countries as we see this is the only chance to make even the slightest impact on saving dogs from being torched to death, skinned alive, thrown in a pot of boiling water alive. It is the most God awful thing you ever did see. My whole life, I thought that these were myths about Asian people doing these things, to my horror, it's far from a myth and I am mad as hell that this is something that many people are just learning about. They actually have dog meat festivals and the dogs are crammed into cages and they can't even move, then the customer buys the dog right there on the spot and each dog is tortured alive right there on the spot. They believe in torturing a dog before consumption because they think it's healthier or whatever bizarre evil reason that they have. It's horrible, absolutely terrifying to watch. Google the Yulin dog festival, be prepared for some brutal reality that happens on a day to day basis like it's nothing. Please stand behind those who are trying to stop this and boycott the olympics in Asian countries. It's the only chance these dogs have.

  • No. I do not think China will be a good witner olympics games host.

    I do not think that China will be a good winter olympics games host because even though it is a large country with a large population, I think it is too crowded to begin with on any other normal occasion. The olympics were also held there a few years ago and there is much pollution and abandoned venues left behind from the games.

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