• Its obvious, duh

    Here is a quote from the right side of this page that I think shows what im talking about...

    "Christianity is based on Biblical truth, nothing else. Cults are contrived by man...."

    Ok, now here you are saying Cults are contrived by man which basically explains Christianity. On top of that Christianity has deleted 18 years of Jesus life from the bible and then sort of morphed into or with Paganism..

    I mean read the bible. What is the Sabbath? The seventh day right? Yeah, even the spanish language knows the Sabbath is on Saturday based on the word saturday; Sabbato.

    Why did Christianity Change Jesuse birthday to a popular pagan holiday?

    Why? Because CULT. Because Brainwashing. Because Control..

  • Deluded followers thinking they are leaders

    Most faith based systems con their followers into thinking they are leaders in some capacity. This process reinforces the "followers" narcissistic need for self agrandizement. Philosophically, their dogmatic voices become saturated with non-sequiturs into which morph the tenets of resplendent sophistry. Never in the entirety of their automatonic lives will a creative or original thought spring forth.

  • Historically viewed, yes, all religions are also cults

    Christianity, like most religions or cults, is based on a believe of a god or gods and the believe that the clergy does have are better "communication line" to god or a higher being. This concept was more than 16000 years ago (and still is) THE basis and starting point of any form of slavery.

  • By definition all religions are cults.
    Christians have tried to change the meaning of cult to separate them selves from other Christians like Jim Jones. Unfortunately for them the meaning of cult perfectly encompasses all religions. As the red necks say, "it is what it is." So sorry Christians, you are in a cult.

  • It is a cult

    Saying Christianit is a cult is not to deried any of their belief systems or call them into question, it is just an objective way of describing the way the individuals group together and believe in similar things. My worry is that the term itself necessarily has negative connotations involved.

  • No, Christians are not in a cult... Muslim are though

    Christians really vary from church to church and don't require anything too horrible. Muslims on the other hand are hate filled and brain washed and believe the unbelievable. A Christian would be hard pressed to kill a person in the name of God let alone read it in the bible. But a Muslim will strap on a bomb and kill his own people for fairly vague reasons...

  • Not a cult.

    Christianity is based on Biblical truth, nothing else. Cults are contrived by man, and legalistically adhere to ritualistic doctrine.

    Christians have a faith, a relationship with the Creator, and a book (the Bible) describing His character and plans for people, past, present and future. You can leave at any point relatively without fear (I cannot speak for individual vendettas however). "Cult" implies exclusivity and adherence to codes. Being a Christian is behaving in imitation to characteristics, and not carrying out a specific law. Enterence to Heaven is based on faith and repentance, not personal perfection or worthiness. The self must decrease, and Christ must increase. It is objective, yet personal. Not subjective, yet impersonal.

  • No, the word 'cult' cannot be applied to Christianity by definition

    A cult is generally understood as a deviant group with radically different ideology borrowed from an established religious worldview. Today Christianity is an established, original, religious worldview with a rich history, culture and traditions of its own. It used to be known as a cult within Judaism in the 1st century as early Christians were mostly Jews who followed Jesus. But since Christianity has now parted ways with Judaism and grown exponentially throughout history with Christian adherents surpassing Jewish adherents, it can no longer be considered a cult.

  • No, I do not think Christianity is a cult

    Christianity is not a cult. A cult usually has a leader who exerts total control over the members of the cult and makes most decisions for them. Christianity is based on the free will of people and they make their own choices as to whether or not to obey the rules and guidelines of the faith.

  • not at all

    no, i do not think that it is a cult at all. I think that it is just an idea, so that the people can have faith in a higher power that is going to govern over them. I think that it is a good thing for a lot of people.

  • No, Christianity is not a cult.

    I do not believe Christianity is a cult. But in the sense of the word, any group of people can be considered a cult. Even atheism can be considered a cult. I think that Christianity is just a way for their believers to live their lives. I think that the term cult should be reserved for more shady organizations.

  • It is free.

    No, I do not think that Christianity is a cult, because there are very few things that Christianity requires. Christianity only suggests that you give 10% of your money. It also does not make you live in any specific place. Christianity is a religion where there are as many different denominations are there are people to practice them.

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