• Yes, he is.

    He has a great record and has trained harder than any other diver. He has broken hundreds of records and continues to wow and impress both his fans and the judges. There is no one else who has even come close to being anywhere near as good as him as a diver.

  • Not as long as there is a Louganis

    No, he is not the besst. Greg Louganis is still the best American diver ever. Boudia has yet to top Louganis’ consecutive 10-meter title wins. Once he has done that and a little bit more, we may consider him to be the best. Until then, he is still chasing the title.

  • He is still in the shadow of Greg Louganis.

    While David Boudia is following in the footsteps of Greg Louganis and proving himself to be an absolute powerhouse in the world of diving, I do not believe he has surpassed the legacy of Louganis. That being said, Boudia has a chance to really prove himself in Rio. The young diver may very well position himself as the best American diver in history in the years to come.

  • David Boudia is a great diver, but not the best ever

    Currently, Greg Louganis is the name that first comes to mind when people knowledgeable about Olympic diving think of the best diver ever. Louganis won five Olympic medals, four of which were gold. His dives were nothing less than astounding. David Boudia may go on to surpass the accomplishments of Louganis, but he hasn't yet.

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