Do you think Debra Murphee told the truth about what happened with Jimmy Swaggart at the motel?

  • Yes, I do.

    I most definitely believe that she is telling the truth about what went on in the hotel with Jimmy Swaggart. I believe that most Christian televangelists are con artists and hypocrites who are just out to get money from gullible congregations. It wouldn't surprise me in the least and she sounded very believable.

  • Debra Murphree was obviously seeking fame, but wasn't that night with Jimmy Swaggart

    Debra Murphree obviously capitalized on her short lived fame as the prostitute that brought down Jimmy Swaggart. The subsequent media frenzy provided many ways to profit and Debra tried to take advantage of all of them while she could. Doe that mean she was lying? Taking advantage of opportunity when it presents itself is the American way. If Jimmy Swaggart did not want this kind of thing to happen, lies or not, he should have been with his wife like a devout christian.

  • Yes Debra Murphee was truthful about her relationship with Jimmy Swaggart.

    I do believe that Debra Murphee told the truth about her sexual relations with Jimmy Swaggart. She very objective and detailed in describing the sex acts and identifying marks on Swaggart body. She already had record of prostitution so her story and the timing were reasonable. She had no reason to lie about the event.

  • She was believable.

    Yes, I thin that Debra Murphee told the truth about what happened with Jimmy Swaggart at the motel, because she had not ulterior motive to lie. Murphee recounted what happened in detail and with specificity. She did not appear to have a personal interest or an axe to grind. She is believable and her recounting is factually accurate.

  • Her own business

    No, I think she probably left a lot of details out about what happened, but that is to be expected. What they did was none of our business, and is a private matter that only they should have known about, even though they are well known and made the news.

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