Do you think Dr. Laura Schlessinger is good (yes) or bad (no) for women?

  • A smart lady

    She is a good woman, and has been very successful in her life. She is very smart, and is an outspoken socially conservative commentator and author. She has spent a lot of time and work trying to help people, and work to make this country a better place to live.

  • Dr. Laura helps women find husbands.

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger is good for women. This is because she has old-fashioned advice for them about men and relationships. She gives feminists pause because the doctor realizes that over the years women have become so self-serving that they often scare away marriage-minded men. Dr. Laura helps single women become married women.

  • Overall A Yes

    I would say overall Dr. Laura Schlessinger is good for women, rather than bad for women. She has written several self-help books and generally given advice on a plethora of topics. This, to me, is helpful. While she has been caught up in confrontations and other small problems, she seems to apologize when she is in the wrong. I don't agree with some of her conservative ideas, but that's not to say that her advice isn't helpful.

  • She is bad!!!

    She gives horrible advice. Women need to be strong and that us not what she is teaching. She is the worst person to be giving advice. She is like Hitler to the Jews. Some stupid people followed him but he was bat s-it crazy. She is not to be listened to. Women need to be strong if you are in a bad situation get out.

  • No, nobody without years of training should give psychological advice

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger is bad for anyone who calls her. Her doctorate is in physiology,
    not in medicine or psychology. Though it is perfectly legal for her to give
    advice on the air, it is foolish for people to take her words seriously, since she
    is not a trained therapist or counselor. Callers may relate to her as if she had the
    training to give them advice on psychological problems, but unfortunately, she does not.

  • She is bad.

    I do believe that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is bad. She is annoying and obnoxious. She really doesn't know what she is talking about. She gets a lot of followers by spouting her nonsense. She doesn't even want to learn the truth, she just wants to cause problems and this makes her bad.

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