• Yes he will.

    Ezekiel Elliot is a strong athelete and a great football player. He has the skills and experience needed to be a great asset to the team. There is a good chance that if the Cowboys get in the finals it will be with the help of Ezekiel Elliot and the skills he posses.

  • Ezekiel can't do it on his own.

    Ezekiel Elliot can't do it on his own, NFL is a team game and he can't carry the Cowboys to the finals. Ezekiel has his own problems off the field with a domestic violence probe looking in to his actions. Having issues with the law can't be good for his mental state and he is unlikely to perform at his best.

  • Ezekiel Elliot Is Not the Savior The Cowboys Are Looking For

    Ezekiel Elliott is a fantastic, gifted player but he is not the saving grace that the Dallas Cowboys need. That can only come with Jerry Jones backing off and allowing the coaches and the managers to do their jobs instead of treating them like his puppets on strings. Jerry Jones has turned the Cowboys into a very successful franchise yes, but the cost as been the lack of Super Bowl wins since the 1990's. A business man does not make a good football coach and vice versa.

  • Ezekial Elliot won't get the Cowboys into the finals

    Ezekial Elliot is well-known as a fantastic footballer. The running-back has helped the Cowboys win many matches. However, he has a messy home life: he has been accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend. The assault charges will continue to haunt him - to the extent that he should be prevented from playing with his team. This means that his talents as the footballer won't help the Cowboys achieve victory in the finals.

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