Do you think factory farms are good (yes) or bad (no) for agriculture?

  • More in less space.

    I think that factory farms are good for agriculture, because there more crops that come out of a smaller space. Also, a factory farm can do a better job protecting against disease. They are going to have more of a budget to be able to attack problems that arise with pests.

  • They Are Good For Agriculture

    I believe factory farms are absolutely good for agriculture, although they have more to do with animals than produce or crops. Factory farms produce more food, especially meats, than can typically produced by a traditional farm. This way of doing business has created larger profits and its fed millions of people in the process.

  • Factory farming violate animals rights and are bad for human health

    It's not only hurting the environment, but also the economy, the animals, and humans. Farmer are loosing jobs. The animals in factory farms are put in small spaces, overfeed, and drugged to make their meat less expensive. One of the rights animals have is the right to be free of oppression, confinement, and use and abuse of humans. Also, by eating the meat, you could become obese and get disease, such as heart disease.

  • No more factory farms.

    Factory farms contained child labor, and they pollute the air which kills off living organisms. It is taking the job of regular farmers and forcing them to kill animals. The air is toxic and poisning living people and plant life. Factory farms kill animals and torture workers and children that work there!

  • Factory farms are not good for argiculture

    Factory farms are putting many small farm owners out of business and out of their homes. Factory farming techniques strip the land of necessary nutrients and treat animals with disrespect. There are plenty of other ways to produce the food we need without turning our agricultural industry into factory farms.

  • No, I think factory farms are bad for agriculture.

    Factory farms create massive amounts of pollution that can kill off all of the natural life and ruin the waters around the farm. They also create issues in the consumers that consume their products because the rampant use of antibiotics in the feed puts everyone at risk for resistant infections.

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