• They just are

    They are better than you and can do more than you ever will do in life.
    Donnnn't even try bro I'm a legit legend. You will never ever be more richer than me. So go fight me. I live in the hollywood hills gang gang. Esketit. Dont even try me. - from rich person

  • Of course they are !!!

    Celebrities, especially american celebrities are better than us, the mundane. The mere presence of a taylor swift or a justin beiber can lift the mood of the masses, give them a sense of self worth or happiness, just by being allowed to breath around them. The economic impact a Taylor Swift can have on a shopping complex is massive. If someone tweets that Taylor Swift is at shopping Mall "x" then that malls business for the day will get about a 700% boost.
    Sick children in hospitals frequent dying wishes are not to meet a plumber, factor worker or an astronaut... They ALWAYS want to meet Starlord, Wolverine or Taylor Swift.

    Anyone who think celebrities are not better than them are in a state of extreme delusion

  • Lots of celebrities lead an average life- merely standing out because of some spotlight opportunity

    Anyone can get an opportunity and anyone can reach their true potential with the right mindset and direction in work. I know loads if average people that are way better than some of these shit celebrities in terms of intelligence, personality, and whatnot else. We are all capable humans with unlimited God given potential!

  • Just different than us

    They are no better than us just different .I wouldnt like to live in the spotlight .I am sure some celebrities would love to have more privacy .Celebrities do sometimes have relationships with non celebrities so obviously they dont see themselves as superior . I will never be anyones fan.

  • Celebrities are humans and humans all die, how can you weigh a person's worth?

    How can anyone think that famous people are better than them? That's sad. Although we may not have the same talents, we have the capability of being the best that we can be. Just because some people get paid to sing, act, or wear clothes and get their pictures taken, that doesn't mean that their lives are worth more. Sure, they have an aura, but they bleed red too.

  • Fame isn't everything.

    Being famous doesn't decide how great you are. Your greatness is decided by your worth to the people who are in your life. There are many great people in the world that are not famous. These people are great simply because they do a lot and mean a lot to the people that know them.

  • No, famous people are no better than I am

    Famous people are no better or worse than anyone else. We are all just people in this world and no one is any better or worse than anyone else. Just because someone is famous doesn't make them a better person. It just means that they are more recognized than someone like myself.

  • They are only human.

    I work for an actress and there is no difference between her and I. The only thing different is her job makes her name well known. She shops at some of the same places I do. Eats at the same places I do. She even wears the same clothes. There is nothing special about celebrities other than their jobs make them famous.

  • No, famous people are not better than me

    Famous people are not better than me. Some famous people are better than a lot of people in society, but not me. I am college educated, resourceful, and work hard. My contributions to society matter, and the people whose lives I am involved in are improved for having known me. I know this because people tell me so all the time. Famous people, with very limited exceptions, are famous for things that do not benefit anyone.

  • Famous people , better than you?

    I don't think famous people are better then anyone, they just have talents I don't have. I have seen pictures of famous people and if they didn't have someone to do their hair and make up everyday most of these so called famous people would no longer be who people consider pretty or handsome. I think people that look up and judge others based on the way famous people look are foolish and should come back to reality and realize the people they surround themselves with are the people that should matter most.

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