"Do you think fast food restaurants are responsible for child obesity?"

  • Fast food is responsible for obesity

    I say yes because alot of kids are going to places like mcdonalds, burger king, or wendeys wich results in alot of trans fat wich is unhealthy for the body wich result in alot of kids and adults that dont have enough time to cook at home which results in going out to eat. Which also results in gainig weight each time going out to eat expecially if u dont have a high matabalisim then your weight will increase very fast at a high pace.

  • If it were guns...

    I don't understand how the fast food industry is so protected by wanton disregard for logic and knowledge. All the fast food industry sells is food that, if eaten every day, will make you fat and unhealthy quite quickly and, eventually, kill you - this has been demonstrated in many forms of media. Saying the fast food industry is lot liable for turning its customers into unhealthy, sugar-addicted "heavy users" (to borrow the term), is the same logic that would absolve gun manufacturers from playing their part in gun violence. If gun manufacturers stopped making guns, gun violence would EVENTUALLY go down over a long period of time (for many reasons), in the same fashion that if fast food companies started selling ONLY healthy meals, consumer health would improve over an extended period of time. But, just like gun manufacturers, fast food companies only care about 3 things: 1) selling their product to as many of us as possible; 2) creating "repeat" business; and 3) procuring enough revenue to gain the lobby power necessary to protect their industry(ies).

  • Is fast food the cause of child obesity

    I think that fast food restaurants are the cause of children becoming obese because a good percent of the fast food restaurants any where in the world are doing nothing to try and prevent this crisis. Yes the saying "you are what you eat" does have something to do with the issue, that children are becoming so overweight, not only because kids are eating whatever they want at home but also because there is no actual structured outdoor/indoor exercise. I personally believe that the fast food restaurants should start to take into consideration that these places are likely to get into some serious health hazards. Like McDonald's for instance there new thing is to super size there meals and get twice the amount of food for just a little bit more in there price. To me that has disaster written all over it, not only cause of the amount of food but also the amount of calories, and fat in the food.

  • Yes. Thembinkosi

    Yes indeed. We cannot blame the eater and exonerate the cook. The cook attracts the eater and like wise the eater responds. Without these fast food restaurants there would be no commercialised junk food and public eating. Hence to save the community from these fast food capitalists the governments must regulate the way they advertise. Remember children compete over who has eaten which burger and which restaurant. The fact that they advertise, means they want to psychologically lure the vulnerable groups such as children in our society. These food sharks are 100% responsible for child obesity.

  • Colorful advertisement from fast food restaurants leading obesity.

    The obesity epidemic has led to the postulation that highly palatable foods may be "addictive" for some individuals. Salty, sugary, and fatty processed foods are a global health epidemic, and an addiction that is becoming harder and harder to kick. Therefore, fast food restaurants have taken the initiatives to grab the attention of children as well as their parents with colorful unethical advertisements making a addiction like behavior.

  • Yes. Parents not to blame.

    Despite popular belief, parents cannot hope to combat the mass pressure placed on their children to eat in fast food restaurants. The whole force of the media, the fast food industry and peers encourage eating in fast food restaurants, and despite a parents influence, they cannot combat this. It then must fall on the shoulders of the fast food restaurants.

  • Fast food restaurants are responsible for child obesity:

    Here are some reasons why I think that. People choose the wrong and unhealthy meals and can be addicting. some people cannot control their eating habits. I think the restaurants should care about what people are eating. There are adults and kids that do not go and do sports or physical activities. Our bodies handle differently. There have been kids that are over sized at a very young age. Eating correctly can cause you to have health issues. They can limit on their fast food, but you should not go everyday for the wrong food that does not give you the right nutritious for your body.

  • Fast food is responsible but so is the parents

    Yes because kids easily get addicted to foods especially foods that have tons of sugars and salt in it. It makes them want more and kids don't understand how unhealthy these kids of foods are. They don't understand what it could do to them. I seriously didn't know what it could do to me until I was in 8th grade and I saw the movie "Super Size Me". I haven't eaten much fast food since then because I now have a better understanding of what it can do to. Fast food restaurants are to be blame but parents also need to take the blame. They are allowing their own kids to eat tons of fast food and making them think that its okay to eat more and that nothing bad is going to happen to them.

  • Consumer Society and manipulation

    Parents are part responsible in this case because it is their role to look after and protect their children so they should prevent them from eating in fast food restaurants.
    However, it is not that easy since we are in a consumer society. Indeed , everything is set up to make us spend money in good or bad things and the mass media encourage it.
    First of all Fast food restaurants are everywhere with big signboard so you can miss it, most of the time they are never far away (in strategic locations), the food is cheap and it comes fast.
    Moreover, commercials on TV make it attractive. For instance at McDonald's, there is a meal dedicated to children, with toys so all children want to go there and have a gift and an hamburger. Mass media manipulate the children and make these restaurants which use bad products looks nice;
    they attract parents too with the low prices and the proximity of the restaurants. So blame The media and these unhealthy restaurants also.

  • Rhamon Barroso HI-B

    I agree that those restaurants contribute to child obesity, because they have a cheap, tasty and very caloric food, and you can find it in everywhere. Kids love this kind of food and get them to like healthy food becomes a difficult task. They can't understand all the negative effects that this ritual brings, and in many times not even their parents. So those parents let them eat it a lot, and the result are fatty kids and in the future, fat and sick adults.

  • No.

    Humans have the right to make choices. Don't eat at the resturant. It's that simple.

  • Fast food restaurants are not responsible for childhood obesity, because the individuals who purchase and consume unhealthy foods are responsible for their own food choices.

    Fast food restaurants should not be held responsible for childhood obesity, even if their menu options encourage unhealthy eating. Parents need to take responsibility for the food choices that they make for their children. No restaurant forces a family to eat their food or dictate what or how much is ordered off the menu. It would be the equivalent of holding liquor stores responsible for someone developing alcoholism. Unless individuals and parents take responsibility for their own decisions, true change will not occur.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Although fast food is certainly not a healthy choice, the primary problem is in portion control.

    It is true that fast food restaurants often sell large sizes of fried foods. But, the place that children eat most frequently is still the home. Although it is hard to resist a large portion of delicious, fat-laden food, it is still important to teach children good eating habits from the beginning. A child should learn to heed hunger cues and to not fill his plate to the limit. Although eating should be enjoyable, at the end of the day, it is about properly nourishing the body with the right amount of calories.

    Posted by: R Bowen
  • The Children and their parents are at fault

    Don't fault the company, don't point the finger.. when someone ends up doing something that is bad for their well being THEY are responsible for it... and their parents probably didn't teach them well or warn them well.

  • Fast food restaurants are not responsible for obesity

    We cant blame fast food places for children being obese. They just advertise the food all though it looks good that doesn't mean that you have to over eat. Its your responsibility to make sure that you provide a well balanced meal for your child. You can substitute the fries for apples the soft drink for milk or juice. There is no excuse

  • Fast food restaurants are not to blame.

    It's common knowledge that the products that the fast food restaurants are supplying aren't healthy and should not be consumed often. It all comes down to quantity control, common knowledge, and moderation.

  • No fast food restaurants are not the cause of childhood obesity.

    Fast food is often abused by parents for their children which yes may certainly play a role but is definitely not the cause of childhood obesity. Fast food restaurants are there to make money ,it is the parent who makes the choice to continuously give them money therefore its the parents fault for allowing their child to consume the food. Fast food is jus t a business and a convent resource parents like to abuse it for their own convince then blame health factors on the establishment. No one is forcing them to feed their kids this food therefore they themselves are at fault.

  • No

    Parents who don't regulate how much fast food their child eats are responsible for their obesity. Fast food restaurants provide the product. It's up to the parent whether or not their child can eat it. And it's up to them to teach their kids that eating too much fast food is unhealthy and they shouldn't do it.

  • Parents and children are the main reasons for being obese

    The child will obviously insist to have junky items but by being a parent we should decide what to feed the child .Because generation is not good .The child may be attracted by seeing the toys and tatoos which are provided by the food items . So kindly being a parent please avoid the fast food restaurant as much as possible.Thankyou.

  • No, people are to blame for their own poor choices.

    It is fairly common knowledge that fast food is unhealthy and not nutritious. People are responsible for making their own decisions. You are in control of your actions, and that includes what you eat. It is no one else’s job but your own to watch what you eat. Parents should be held accountable for their children’s eating habits.

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