Do you think gays or lesbians should be allowed to have a wedding?

  • Why not ?

    Its their own wedding why would it matter if gay people have a wedding. Whys it different to a straight wedding ?? Gay weddings should have the same rights as a straight marriage because gay people and straight people should have the same rights . If 2 people love each other why shouldn't they get married and celebrate their love???

  • What’s it got to do with anyone else?

    Reading the two comments for ‘no’ were clearly religiously motivated and it’s quite hard to believe that people would happily choose to follow a God (when there is no proof he is real) over a physical human being. I understand everyone is allowed an opinion and I respect that but it’s 2018 and people still think two people who love each other shouldn’t be married. I base a lot of it around the fact people are ignorant and unable to place themselves in that position. As well, surely there’s more appropriate things to do with your time then consider what someone else should be allowed to do, since we’re talking about religion I’m sure God would find you to be more disgusting for even thinking you to have the position to judge. Doesn’t that suggest you believe you have the same position as God? Furthermore the key message throughout the bible was to love one another and you are going entirely against that by being hateful.

  • I say yes!

    People who are happy together should be allowed to get married it does not matter the gender it just matters if they are happy because in some places it illegal for same gender to get married and have a wedding but its not lilegal for different gender couple to marry even if they know nothing about eachother and they hate eachother.

  • It is a another excuse for political correctness.

    This plebiscite thing is just another excuse for political correctness. It is against the will of Jesus Christ and nobody should disrespect Jesus Christ. If you call somebody who "doesn't" have a gender a boy or a girl they get super offended and start to cry like children. Also, God created women to love men not women to love women or men to love men.

  • I say no

    They shouldn't have the right to have a wedding because that's just disgusting god created women to provide love for men, it'd not or choose to change god decisions, who are we to do that! Those lesbians and gay people have crossed a red line, just think about how the child will feel when he knows who are his parents!

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