• All hail the FATHER

    Honestly, god is obviosly a man, i mean seriously

    our FATHER thau art in heaven

    it says that god is our FATHER repeatedly, i don't care how he acts because that is irellavent, the entire opposing argument is based of generalizations such as girls being weak and men being fat

  • Yes, he is a man

    The Abrahamic religions are based on an extremely patrilineal and sexist society. Men held power, men worked, men went to war, while women were forcibly entrusted with the duty of providing sex, raising children, and cooking. The followers of Christianity saw God as almighty and powerful; of course they would make God a man.

  • Yes, I think hes a man

    I don't think god was ever real or is real,but at one point I think a man, made all this up. It was just a story, a good one,but it still was just a story. The end result was that we now have millions of forms of Christianity, or what ever you think.

  • God is the image of man.

    Firstly, let me state that I do not believe in god. I don't believe in any of the 3,000 plus deities throughout human history. The fact of the matter is, though, that the current religions are all male-driven and have male representatives. If there is a god, I don't think it has a gender. Why would something that creates universes have a mammalian gender? Silly.

  • He is God.

    I think God is more likely to be a woman than a man, in terms of stereotypes. God is loving. He cares for us. That is stereotypical of a woman. God is also forgiving. He is here for us whenever we need it. That is more likely to be a maternal characteristic. God has more characteristics that are feminine, because he is so caring and maternal.

  • No, God is neither.

    God is neither male nor female of course because we are talking about some entity that is indescribable, even to calling it an entity. However, if we had to choose, I would say that God has as many or more feminine qualities as masculine and is more of a Great Mother.

  • God is neither

    God is a spiritual object, therefore he does not posses a gender since that is a human trait. Though God may use the voice of a male or body of a male to connect with us humans. Because our world is so male based, it'd be wise for him to come as a male so people would listen to him, it's just how things are, Even though females can be just as or more smarter than males. But that's only if God exist

  • What about cosmic energy

    I don't think god is either a man or woman. Isn't god formless? An omnipotent being that has neither shape nor voice? An infinite chasm of energy? I wouldn't say energy is male or female ..It would be like saying an atom is a twin. It is silly sounding. There does need to be a gender? No..Gender was enforced to make females humiliated and be treated lowly and have little say..Same reason for the ring in weddings..Originally a binding in the Stone Age so when the man kidnapped a woman from her family, she couldn't escape. So she would be alienated and have nowhere to go.

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