Do you think Governor Christie's veto on $17 million for welfare and women's clinics is a good decision?

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  • Christie might want to be more generous right now

    Although I am conservative, I think we are not in a good situation economically, and we need to help others in need. Even though healthcare is basically guaranteed now, in some communities there are not enough clinics. In that case I am all for funding more or building more so women can get care without traveling too far.

  • No, austerity measures cost more in the long run

    As we've see in the recent global financial crisis that has roots in Europe / Greece, austerity measures and cuts to social programs and safety nets usually do not create the economic boost that the selfish politicians claim they will. Typically, they destabilize already tenuous situations and cost individuals and nations dearly.

  • No i don't think it's a good decision.

    Women aren't getting enough for credit for what they do in the world today. They already receive lower may and need all the benefits they can receive. This veto just furthermore solidifies the disadvantages of being a woman in the world. If this wasn't vetoed then it would of been a good decision.

  • He makes absolutely no sense

    So, let me get this straight, Governor Christie is willing to sell people short who are the most disenfranchised and struggling but he has no problem aligning himself with a racist billionaire trying to get to the highest office in the land. He has no problem cutting help to the needy as he tries to line his own pocket by getting a job with Trump if he wins. His hypocrisy is palpable.

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