Do you think having more than two children is selfish?

  • It Can Be

    To me, having more than two children is somewhat selfish. When families worked to support themselves, such as the farming lifestyle, it was common to have large quantities of children because they could be brought up almost like a workforce for the parents. I don't think this idea makes sense in today's world. In fact, some believe we have problem with over population. Given the condition of society and the planet I certainly would question having a lot of children.

  • Yes,I think that having more than two children.

    I think that having more than two children is selfish.Since our repopulation obligation is just numerically replace ourselves then each couple should have no more than two children.The problem is the earth will only hold a certain number of people because of the size and the basic lack of resources.

  • Selfish to the planet and the parents other children

    There is only so much mom and dad to go around. If you have 4 or more children how much 1 on 1 time are you ever spending with each kid. I know what you will say “family” time but each kid is also an individual and acts differently or talks about different things when siblings are not around. What if the 4th kid was born with special needs or one of the children has a life changing accident where they need a lot of mom time. If someone honestly feels like they need more than 2 kids why not adopt. Adopting is expensive but if you can afford 4 kids you could have used the money to adopt just one.

  • Absolutely it’s selfish

    Anyone claiming otherwise must be incapable of seeing the world outside of their own bubble. Earth cannot sustain the population as it stands now, much less an increased population. Just because one family can support 5 children doesn’t mean Earth can. Also, the fact that said family can support 5 children simply means other children in the world have to go without. That’s how it works. Resources aren’t in infinite supply. People having more than 2 children are morally bankrupt, selfish, and ultimately killers of Earth, which ironically will be what kills their children’s children. Poetic, isn’t it?

  • Take care of what's already here first.

    Contrary to popular thought, people do not need to have sex all the time. A child needs a lot of attention and care, more than most children get in their youth, and should never, ever represent an accomplishment for the parents. As long as there are children alive who need love, affection, nurturing and education from adults, it is cruel and selfish to bring more into the world. Family is not all it is cracked up to be. It does not matter, really, who your mother or father is. Once you exist, you deserve to be cared for and respected. It is extremely difficult for a child who is one of many, even by supposed loving parents, to get everything they need from the earth or from those placed in their charge.

  • Yes. It is bad news.

    I is a 3rd kid and i usualy feel like i dont deserve to live. Word. Facts. Dead ass. Dont bring kids in th e world who dont feel like living thats cruel, yo
    dead ass.
    If i wasnt borned i would of bin happier. Big up woooi. You needs to concider things like this.

  • More Kids, More Burden

    The planet is extremely overpopulated and cannot sustain itself at the rate we are going. Regardless of whether or not you can financially support each child (until they reach eighteen years of age), each person born is a burden to the Earth, so having more than two kids is indeed an unwanted burden to your fellow Earth-dwellers and to this planet. If you have two kids and want more, please consider adoption of children already here using up the world's resources.

  • It doesn't matter what you can financially "support"

    People really need to go back to 3rd grade and learn how multiplication works. Just because you can support them doesn't mean the Earth can. The reality is people are selfish. You can try to justify kids all day long, but the reality is they are still liabilities. Children are not our future. Your children won't take care of me when I'm old, nor would I expect them to. I've worked and paid money out of my paycheck into my retirement; why would I need your kids to do that or want them to do that? Ask anyone why they wanted to have a baby and they always start with "I". They're so absorbed in themselves that they can't even see the bigger picture. A kid or two isn't the greatest decision, but at least it's an attempt to not screw over the population growth. Anything beyond that, c'mon, you already got 2, are you that desperate for attention from another child? Sickening that people cannot even appreciate what they have. It's like hoarding, only with the effects being felt by everyone else.

  • It is morally reprehensible

    It baffles me in this day and age how people can think they have a "right" to have more than two children. I have had cousins who keep procreating, and the only reason was "I felt like it". It kind of disgusts me. It is morally reprehensible when we see what a state our planet is in. The educated and those that have travelled can clearly see the absolute LAST thing our planet needs is more humans. The earth is being destroyed at a rapid pace, and there is such increasing social and environmental injustice. The question I would ask myself is waht kind of world would you want your children to grow up in? An overpopulated consumerist society fighting over what little we have left. I shudder when I hear people talking about wanting "loads of children". You share the earth and this space with other humans, other animals, and an increasingly shrinking environment. Get with the program and stop being so disgusting and selfish.

  • Absolutely selfish, yes!

    Humans are taking over, and daily other species are becoming extinct.
    The multi-breeders who have numerous children are harming the planet, other species, their own species, and even their own children.
    It makes me incredibly cross to be honest. Enough is enough. Take away their benefits, and let them know they're scorned by the rest of us. Maybe then they'll discover contraceptives!

  • No it is not selfish.

    I had 2 kids when ending my 10 year marriage. I got with a Mon whom was a widower with 4 children then we had 1 together and one on the way. Our kids are all very happy, healthy and very well taken care of. People are so judgemental. I can not believe some of the responses I have read.

  • We need to repopulate

    We are seeing that many countries aren't replacing the people they have because people aren't having enough children. This kind of thinking is why many countries in Europe are being taken over by other cultures who are having multiple children. If you can support them and raise them in a stable environment, go for it.

  • No, how is it selfish?

    Apparently people think it's selfish to have more kids thus spending more money and having less things for themselves. Having a lot of kids should be completely acceptable. Common sense says having children can't be selfish and obviously it's up to the parents how many kids they want. It's selfish that others want to have control on other people's families.

  • Having more than two children is not selfish.

    There are individuals for whom having even one child would be selfish as they cannot care for that child nor are they mentally able to provide for them, and there are some who having any less than two would be selfish. The determination should be based upon what one is able to contribute both materially and emotionally to one's child.

  • Have as many as you want

    I do not feel like it is selfish at all to have more kids. If a couple want more than two kids than they should be able to have them, given that they can support them and make sure that they get the best. I do feel like it is selfish if people have kids just to get the welfare and then they use the kids for their own means.

  • No, I don't think having more then two children is selfish.

    As long as you can financially support more then two children I have no problem with people having as many children as they wish to have, the more children you have the more chances at life you gave to people who would not have been born otherwise and could go on and change the world in a positive way.

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