• Hillary Clinton will win the election

    I think Hillary Clinton will win the election for president in November, but it will not be an easy path for her. She is not a great candidate in terms of charisma, charm and whipping up enthusiasm in the electorate. However, she is very lucky in that Donald Trump loves the spotlight so much that his hateful statements make it easy to make voters afraid of what his presidency would do to the country.

  • Yes, I do.

    As it stands now, I believe Hillary will win the election. It seems like Trumps supporters are in the minority, but they are a vocal minority. Republican leaders do not want to vote for Trump. At any rate this will be a very important election and it is important to vote for the person you want to win.

  • She is the establishment

    Yes, I think Hillary Clinton will win the election, because she is powerful. Trump is a weak candidate and he doesn't really stand for anything. Hillary projects herself as powerful, and she wants to win the White House very badly. Some people will just vote for her because they don't like Trump. The outcome is inevitable.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    She is a liar and distorting Bernie's record so just another reason to dislike her; she cannot be trusted to tell the truth and she falsely accused Bernie of flip-flopping when she is the queen of flip-flopping on issues wow. Voting for Hillary will be a vote for the agendas of her donors. Anything she says is just like before, rhetoric to get elected, then just like all the other politicians, we end up disappointed because once they're in office we come to find they are bound to the favors they owe to big money donators.

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