Do you think Islam is a huge problem (yes) or a huge blessing (no) to contemporary society?

  • My God is not a deciever

    In Quran many statements about Allah misleading &,about being the best of decievers. So if your Gods a liar then who is it Muslims worship? I have been inside a class in a mosque where the teacher after speaking about rules if a Muslim kills another Muslim refused to clarify for the entire class rules about if happens to be a non-Muslim! Umm yes deeply disturbing indeed.

  • It's immoral and dishonorable! They treat women like sex objects and not humans!!

    Women have no rights! They are sold to husbands. So their husbands own them which is completely wrong!! They get beat stabbed raped tortured sautimized. Everything that's bad happens to them. I feel so vs for them. They get raped and then the women get punish for it. All Islam is is a disgraceful set of rules entitled by cowardous boys who need serious help. They think its ok to have 5 wives. 25 kids. Best evrybody demoralize women. Whip them. Slaughter their heads off if they cheat even tho the man has 5 forced wives and affairs with 100's. They are allowed to have sex with animals, and newborns. It doesn't matter how old the kid is, a 2 year old girl will get forcefully married to a 56 year old Muslim coward and he will rape her for the rest of his life. Islam has no place in this world. Every Muslim that loves Their rapist leader Allah will burn in hell

  • Unfortunately it is currently a huge problem.

    The sad fact is that at the moment the Islamic religion has largely a negative impact on the world. A quick look at the majority of violent conflicts around the world shows that the vast majority involve Islam. Furthermore modern terrorism is almost exclusively an Islamic phenomenon. Naturally most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim.

  • Islam is nothing but a burden.

    I think that Islam is primarily a huge problem for contemporary society. If you look at the nations where it is the majority religion, even in cases where they have the funds to modernize, they still don't. Islam is clearly holding people back. Also, their treatment of women makes conservative Christians look like hippies in the free love era.

  • more of a problem than a blessing

    I say that about every religion though. I like people who like traditions and what not, but the burka and head scarves need to go. It is really bad for society to see women treated in such a way. It would also be nice if people of Islam and all religions would understand that not everyone has the same belief's. They do not need to have the same belief's either.

  • Yes, Islam is a huge problem for society.

    I believe that the current state of Islam to be a big problem for contemporary society. I think that too many of its leaders take too neutral of a stance in regards to how it views situations where some followers of Islam commits terrorist crimes against society and foreign governments.

  • No, its not a huge problem

    People are going to do what they want to do. If they have had this religion for years, what's the problem? I understand that they stand out in a crowd,but that's just people being people. If we need someone to blame, they are there. In time they will be accepted to the point they once were.

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