Do you think Islam will eventually take over Europe?

Asked by: yuyudude1
  • It's all about birthrates

    Given that native European birthrates are dropping and Muslim immigrants have on average higher ones, it's only a matter of time before Muslims are a sizeable enough chunk of the European demographic to be able to force their values on Europe. I estimate within 50 years, many Western European countries will be majority Muslim (France is already at 15% Muslim, that's crazy!)

  • Europe being lead being merkel and pc brigade afraid to say no

    Merkel and sheep governments and pc world gone mad , Islam will bread us all out they are here for the welfare state money ,have more kids than us eventually we will be the minority 20 , 40 50 years , sharia law , end game so much for our history and cultures

  • No one is stopping them

    The leaders of Europe are just rolling over for these people from what I see. They get overly generous welfare at the expense of the native people, commit crimes and are forgiven, and come right out and say we will take over. It's amazing to watch really. Either the leaders of Europe are trying to make everyone the same color like that group from the turn of the century wanted or like my neighbor said they are getting greased -paid well- to allow this to happen.

  • Islam the conqueror

    The Koran is not peaceful, it clearly states that muslims should spread and that it is ok to lie in the process. Google "Koran english translation"...
    Muslims think of non-muslims as infidels and neither don't want to integrate, nor assimilate, into our western way of living, but instead are themselves automatically, because of their ideology, creating "bridgeheads" in our western society with actively protected no-go zones. This will only escalate to become larger defended ares, which, if nothing is done, could be very destructive to our democratic way of life in the west. People living freely within the EU now, will see a rise in pro-muslim political parties and the forced eventual decision, having to convert to Islam, to keep safe.

  • Yes, And It Will Take Over The world

    Non Muslims will end soon. Look at them! In a few years (maybe not that few), homosexuality/ trans-sexuality will spread, causing the population to decrease more than it already is decreasing. The "philosophies" and ideas about family will become vague and obscure, while Islam's true foundations and basis will strengthen and become implemented more frequently all over the world. Islam, is inevitably, going to take over Europe and the whole planet, because we have a stable under-structure of ideas and set rules to refer to. The greatest evidence of this hypothesis lies in the Quran that has never been altered since the days of Muhammad. Add to this the rates of migration and birthrates of Muslims in Europe and be sure that Muslims in Europe will outnumber non-Muslims by 2040 if not earlier.

  • Europe is ruined

    It will take an act of god for liberal europeans to get there heads out there ass.I have read people saying the europeans will eventually kick em out.Yeah right we have had lee rigby beheaded,priest beheaded hebdo,paris,nice the list is bloody endless.Islam will be dominant all over europe by 2055.Prepare hour kids grandkids for a wonderful life with the sharia.

  • Europe is ruined

    It will take an act of god for liberal europeans to get there heads out there ass.I have read people saying the europeans will eventually kick em out.Yeah right we have had lee rigby beheaded,priest beheaded hebdo,paris,nice the list is bloody endless.Islam will be dominant all over europe by 2055.Prepare hour kids grandkids for a wonderful life with the sharia.

  • Demographics is destiny.

    Muslims have more babies, so they win. Generally more religious folk have more babies. I am an agnostic, but Europe's best chance perhaps rests with Catholics knocking out the troops.
    Evolutiion is tough. The victory does not go to the intelligent and cultured. It goes to the virile. And Europeans have turned into pansies.

  • Maybe in 200-300 years..

    Birth rate higher more, more refugees/migrants..Due to arranged marriage system amongst traditional communities, young adults cannot avoid marriage which is THE NORM..Once married, expected to have children because of the emphasis on family life and having kids to look after you in your old age..Also, a person cannot take place properly in adult society until they are married and have children as life is about being in a family and an extended family..Persons who do not marry have no position, because people are supposed to affiliate on the basis of being married adults with each other through their children and with their peers in the community. The next stage is being grandparents which they look forward too. Marriage and having children is seen as one of the essential phases of a human beings development and the most active part of their life, which is raising a family..Also, in certain religions, marriage is proscribed. These groups can survive in families even if extremely poor because of a frugal culture and very strict moral codes about respecting parents and elders and the community. Also communities are close knit and supportive. The most important thing in migrant communities is family life. The birth rate will decline eventually because of pressures on women to be economically active to meet expenses and maybe invest everything in 1 child.

    Many europeans will be having 0 children, not settle down/maybe not find right partner, being gay accepted so more people might be gay/transgender etc, also women can just have a career and not necessarily push to get a partner because they have their own money..Also, technology is available for women to have child artificially, a single woman could just have one child..The family is breaking down in western culture as a norm, especially working class family life which can be problematic due to poverty and unemployment, lots of divorce across the board too because of greater rights for women not having to stay with someone they no longer want to be with...Also fertility rate is lower amongst western women, but high in women from asia. In the future, migrant birth rate will decline, but it will be unlikely to be 0 per household, should be at least 1 child..

  • Chanting riots war

    They are chanting in big groups of men for war in our own cities, Birmingham, Manchester London and probably more! They are not prepared to live in this country with our rules. They are trying to chancge our rules! I am scared for the future of great Britain. Please tell me why they are chanting, throwing their arms up and hitting their chests.

  • This is not the 1900's

    When you say 'taking over ' I'm getting the impression that you are talking about controlling or conquering . This does not happen now in the modern era . Yes , Ukraine and Russia are having a similar case right now in the modern era , but none of it is and never will be to the extend that changes the whole political state of a continent .

  • Nothing to Fear

    Birth rates won't mean much if Euro born Muslims don't pass on their faith to future generations. They could assimilate to the local culture, not necessarily convert, but the mix of cultures could turn them either disillusioned with religion or benignly tolerant. Besides, even if a Muslim majority wanted to impose their religious views on everyone they'd have to argue against decades of legal precedent designed to prevent religious groups from imposing their values on everyone else.

  • Nope, at some point even sjw's will wake up

    I think the political opinion will shift dramatically, and that, before the muslims are the majority. The careers of our slimey politicians will be threatened by a shifting voting behaviour and whether they like it or not, they will have to adapt to survive. More and more people will see the muslim community for what it actually is, the majority of it in support of strict sharia, and thus, extreme, being fought by a truly moderate minority that uses their brain.
    Also, in Germany there is a law for example, that allows cititzens to, (violentley) protect the fdGO (look it up, it's basically the "constitiution"). So, even if all else fails, 2/3 of germans would have to approve for this to be changed, and there is also the unchangeable core of rights, Europe and Germany won't be given up without a fight and this is the worst case scenario. In reality, we usually have a mix of optimist and pessimist forecasts, Europe is structurally damaged by the migrants, but probabally it won't fall altogether, though I really cannot care for the European Union anymore. They have failed in providing the european countries with stability and have made massive mistakes (also: massive international lobbying), and the aspects of the EU which have brought prosperity can be more or less easils replaced with trade deals.
    I want my ideals and the values of the european people to survive, even if it means going back to more nationalist strucutures. Maybe the only reason we fear nationalism is due to it's bonds to national socialism, maybe nationalism even provides room for a national identity and values, there are always alternative solutions, and only the close-minded would assume to know definetely how something will pan out and how many ways there are to solve a problem.

  • That is not the end game, but yes a deceiving elite want a clash of civilisations.

    Currently waves of muslim migrants to Europe are being used by non-muslim elites to destabilise western societies. Presuming current trends continue then yes Islam would take over... But this is not the end game at all, this is obvious. Whoever the elite are, and that itself is a very complex topic, they are not interested in a world dominated by Islam. To the elite, the islamist masses are just useful idiots (I am not calling them idiots, merely theorising the mindset of others). What is likely is that the current birthrates won't matter a damn when the GMO and other crap they've fed the migrant masses take hold of them in 2 or 3 generations. All of a sudden there will be no babies.

  • Not on Serbia's watch, or Russia

    Serbia despises Islam. Even if ISIS wins against Serbia, they will lose a ton of men. Then there is Russia. Russia, with the strongest, best equipped, and best trained army in Europe, wouldn't let it happen. I have nothing against Islam, all religions have their radicals, but ISIS will never win Europe.

  • Europe is ruined

    It will take an act of god for liberal europeans to get there heads out there ass.I have read people saying the europeans will eventually kick em out.Yeah right we have had lee rigby beheaded,priest beheaded hebdo,paris,nice the list is bloody endless.Islam will be dominant all over europe by 2055.Prepare hour kids grandkids for a wonderful life with the sharia.

  • I won't let it happen

    The people of Europe will eventually realise this muslim problem and will vote right wing parties and those parties will do what they promised and get rid of muslims and other groups like Jews and black's and then there will probably be war because america always has to get involved in Europe.

  • Europeans won't let it happen.

    At some point- I'm not sure when- the people of Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, etc. will fight back. It's disgusting that they allow radical Muslims to preach their agenda so blatantly and violently, and threaten people to their faces. Eventually the people will refuse to tolerate this, and the culture of political correctness will be a thing of the past.

  • Islam will push Europeans too far.

    Islam has proven itself to be entirely incapable of controlling its violent nature and the patience of Europe's native peoples will eventually break. When this happens a wave of violence will sweep the continent. Muslims will respond en masse but this will merely gal anise the natives in their desire to remove Muslims. Already more more right wing political movements are springing up across the continent. They may have angry young men but we have the police, the armed forces, the technology and an increasingly irreligious populace. Christian restraint will not temper our actions, instead we will be ruthless and systematic in removing this ghastly religion from our nations. Of course this will have global implications, but Islam has no friends since it has been terrorizing non Muslims since its inception. It has been destined for annihilation since Mohammed first walked the earth. I for one can't wait to see it happen.

  • Europe will wake up when Merkel is out as leader

    Europe is going to wake up and end the mass refugee migration

    I would demand mass sterilization of refugee population and deport them back to Syria where they came from

    No value added by backwards religious nuts that have no language or job skills and only there to commit terrorism

    Sterilize with extreme prejudice They don't belong

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