Do you think it is possible to achieve absolute freedom?

Asked by: Anna1
  • Everyone & everything eventually becomes free.

    In life you will always be enslaved, you did not choose to be born, therefore 'will' was not a factor in the decision made for a person to be born. However, the good news is all things must die & in death you will become free! Free from struggle, pain, & suffering. Death frees us all from enslavement (life) therefore in death we will become absolutely free.

  • There can be no such thing as absolute freedom.

    If there is absolute freedom existed there would be nothing but disorder and chaos. Who is to say if your absolute freedom is impinging upon my absolute freedom. It becomes nothing more than an excuse. "I am allowed to kill whoever I want as it is my absolute freedom."
    Thinking philosophically, freedom becomes meaningless if it is absolute. Its value is diminished and though it would cause mayhem, it is still something that is a part of everyone's utopia.

  • Absolute Freedom is a very dangerous idea.

    Absolute Freedom would entail Freedom to murder, steal, and rape without consequences. Needless to say how many of you would want these things to happen to you? I certainly wouldn't. Humans as a whole do not deserve anything but if God in his good will wishes to give us some freedom then I will be very grateful. Thank you and may God bless you.

  • It depends on what you constitute as freedom

    Freedom is little bit of a subjective thing. Absolute freedom is impossible without abandoning your humanity. Absolute freedom can destroy you because it goes against nature. This is if you mean to live without any obligations, for example; moral or social obligations. Humans are naturally social beings and we have morals and we are civil because it aides and allows cooperation, collaboration and cohabitation, primary elements of a society. Humans that abandon their natural desire to be social in order to avoid moral and other social obligations tend to become serial killers or end up in insane asylums. In a society no-one is free, even the rich, because they are still expected and obligated to obide by the society's rules and customs, although the rich can sometimes buy their way around certain rules and obligations. But as said to begin with, it depends on what you constitute as freedom.

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