Do you think it is possible to stop bullying in schools?

  • Stop this please

    More than 13,000 teens commit suicide every month, MONTH that's over 140,000 teens every year, and shouldn't we have stopped this at Amanda Todd? I mean, isn't that enough? This is so wrong, people should take bullying children seriously because it could happen to one of their kids one day

  • I think it is possible to stop bullying in school.

    If a kid is getting bullied then someone needs to help them "defeat" the bully, because it will keep on going and going until the bully feels like they have all the power in the world. And so I think there needs to be a councilor that only deals with problems like bullying.

  • Bulling Needs to Stop

    Bullying needs to stop and people need to stand up for what is wrong. As a person who has experienced bullying from middle school to High school it needs to stop. There needs to be witnesses and the schools need to do more than just keep an eye out for the victim. They need to re-enforce it after school hours and if they can't then they need to hire security. Its not right to be bullied, school is one place out of many that are suppose to be a safe place and if a child feels they can't go to school because they are being bullied then that says something right there. Not to include parents, parents need to do more even if they have a hectic lifestyle. They need to spend time with their kids to find out how their day is going and if they are being bullied then there needs to be action going on to make the kids feel safe again.

  • The only fight you need to win is in your mind

    My thoughts are make a difference or become aware of the bulling and teach your family about virtue,communication and individuality because this is what defines us from animals. I say this because parents get confused and put limitations on there family that only holds them back from finding purpose in life and reasons to make a difference, if they were tought how to listen to there inner voice that tells them they don't like what's going on to them or others and had the ability to express them selves as human beings and not resort to retaliation of repetition of words and actions that have no solution to the ignorance at hand, of what is the right way to treat each individual and how to get rid of ones self pride so there able to accept ones own ignorance

    Because we all know nature always shows us SIN dose not exist, it's survival of the fittest, for animals that is. But because nature dose not aply to just the word and meaning of animal but the whole world we live in, it only goes to show the more reason to show more intelligence and less ignorance towards life and how we can advance as a intelligent race and not as survivalist on a crash cause with death.

    These so called destiny's are killing us in our tracks before we make a difference, don't try to tie individual's around you in to your Grave, because every ones cup is different in size. But remember that nothing works in order, like how a small cup should fill up first before the big cup. It goes either way.

    Also when some one reads what I have come to know through trial and error. Understand that when you believe you know or have the answer , it only shows your ignorance as much as your growth and that the next elevation of the same problem makes my truth seem wrong because it dose not solve the next question. I know that what I have typed to be correct and to be a step in the right direction. If your ignorance proceeds you, and you still proclaim I'm wrong. You are saying my whole life of trials and found purpose in life is wrong even though you know little about what it mean to be human your self. Now if you still don't agree let me ask you this do you believe in the potential of humankind. If so then you will understand there is more than one solution to a problem because we are not alone ...

  • Bullying is a learned behavior

    Bullying is a learned behavior that can be reversed by teaching positive behaviors in its place. Many (not all) schools have a bully culture with bully adults; breeding bullying. Society, adults, teachers and children that are bullies or promote bullying (which includes being a bystander or turning a "blind eye"), need to be taught positive behaviors that replace the negative behavior.

  • Yes,it is possible to stop bullying in schools.

    If people really put an effort forward and work together as a team then they should be able to stop bullying in schools.The problem now is that people can not think that their particular child would be the one guilty of bullying so it is not particularly their problem.This needs to change from an individual problem to a community problem.

  • Sure fire way to stop a bully the old fashioned way, works every time it's tried

    The only way to stop a bully. It works everytime it's tried is to take a bully and knock him on his ass. I know it's against everything the woosification society promotes, but if you want to stop a bully thats the old fashioned way of doing it, and it works. Teachers and principals , if they go back to having and using a paddle, that would put an end to a lot of bullying and disrespect issues. We need to go back to the old ways of doing things, we've raised a bunch of lazy disrespectful brats thanks to all these do gooders that told us we couldn't discipline our kids. Bullies is part of that, but they can be stopped the old fashioned way.

  • Bullying cannot escape concerted scrutiny

    Bullying in schools continues because of the complicit inaction of bystanders who witness the bullying and do nothing. One could even think of these bystanders as secondary victims who are oppressed into silence by their fear of being the bully's next target. If everyone in the school (from school leaders, teachers, students, non-teaching staff) makes a concerted attempt to speak out against any form of bullying that they see, and make it clear that the majority in the school is dead against any form of bullying, the number of bystanders would decline as they sense the support of the majority. In order for this majority to be formed, a clear definition of bullying would have to be agreed upon and known and understood by the entire school population. Make bullying uncool and no one will do it.

  • Yes, by giving a very tight security

    Bullying can be avoided by giving extra secuirity. Such as camera, guards etc. Bullying nowadays is done because there is no teachers seeing it, thus, they can bully everyone without getting caught. But if there are cameras in every spot, he/she will be caught and will be given a worth consequence

  • Yes! It can be stopped.

    Many people think that It can't be stopped and it will never stop but there is no reason to not try to stop it and we should try because it is such a big deal at schools and we should stop it because: 1. It is a big deal 2. Kids are sad at school and do not like it.

  • It is part of being human

    It's simple really, as long as people have opinions and emotions, bullying can't be stopped. I've read all of the yes statements, many of them would only work for certain situations. There are many types of bullying, and none of them can be totally wiped out by the human race. Verbal bullying can't be stopped as long as people can have opinions and are able to speak. Physical bullying can't be stopped as long as people are able to move. Cyberbullying can't be stopped as long as people have access to the internet. Bullying is of course a bad thing, but there's really no way to stop it. At least, not yet.

  • No way to stop bullying

    It has gotten too far. And with what the teacher say"don't fight back" the only way for the bully to stop bullying is after you pass highschool and he/she fails. It has come to this after all this time. Over generations of dicipline those who baby there child have a result of vilence, and there is nothing we can do.

  • It cant be stopped...

    I have experienced bullying many times. I know bullying cannot be stopped. I know many schools have assemblies on bullying, newsletters on bullying, videos on bullying, etc. Bullies like bullying to much. They don't want to stop. Bullies want to take their anger out on other students. They may think it makes them look better in front of people and make them more popular.

  • Against nature laws

    Eliminating bullying is a fight against millions of years of evolution, which allowed us - humans to come to the top of food chain pyramid. Fighting it, is the same as consciously cutting the branch on which we are sitting. Zero tolerance policy in schools is undermining and getting confused our kids at the very young age.

  • Bullies can't be stopped completely, there are ways around that situation.

    Just because no one may believe they're hurting someone and not see it as bullying or some people don't care long as they're not physically hurting a person, and in the end they will never know what true bullying is and they won't stop. People are going to find ways around different situations.

  • Your doing it wrong...

    News flash! No more is there a big angry kid named Billy who wear a stupid hat and beats kids up in the ally on the way to the fort with the other bully's! He turned seventy last week! He was replaced by that cocky kid who thinks its cool to give "nerds" crap. (Nerds are also known as people who will get a job when they grow up.) Stopping bullying is very possible, but your trying to use things like worksheets and songs and tee shirts. Which is failing in case you haven't noticed.

  • No, it would be very difficult to

    School always tell you that if you are being bullied go tell an adult whether it's physical or verbal. From experience I can say that it doesn't work. The bully finds out that you told an adult and continues to bully because, you're 'weak' and can't handle your own problems.
    Sometimes you'll need proof that you're being bullied, you might need cameras to get that proof. Cameras around the school will help a bit.
    Each case is different and there isn't one universal way to stop all bullying

  • The term is not well defined, so the answer is no.

    What is bullying? Even the folks on the other side of the issue have trouble defining it - one is saying we need a clear definition, and another defines exclusively as physical abuse that can be seen on camera. So definition is an issue.

    School stakeholders know that there are is a range of bullying behavior, some of which must be tolerated, and some of which should be stopped. We do not want to raise our kids a a police state of sorts where their every action and utterance may subject them to punishment and prosecution. I do call for schools to better handle serious forms of bullying though (beating, online slander, etc). The danger is that many schools would institute strict punishments for smaller offenses (calling people names) arguing that tolerating this leads to greater offenses. Smaller offenses should be handled using lighter techniques and the offender should not be labeled a 'bully.' This would cause more harm than good. Parents and guardians should teach the kids how to handle a certain level of 'bullying' - this would likely help them become stronger adults.

  • Bullying in schools is a problem which has no final solution

    The problem of bullying in schools is something that must be micromanaged on an individual basis. There is absolutely no efficient/effective way to minister peaceful problem-solving methods to every single child in schools across the nation/world. For that reason, there will ALWAYS be children who have an aggressive, abusive mindset and they will exert their dominance over their peers. It is woven so deeply into our nature that it is not something that can be overcome absolutely without consistent, overbearing micromanagement that would lead to an inefficient use of resources.

  • An absolute question deserves an absolute answer.

    There is no way to stop all bullying, even in adults. There are ways of minimizing it. Teachers and parents setting the example, group support against bullying, counseling for bullies and victims. But to say it will eventually stop, no. Group support means that observers must take a stance and not let it happen. Don't be a passive observer. That doesn't mean fighting unless it's to stop violence in the act, it means using peer pressure in a positive way.

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