Do you think it is right that so much wealth is controlled by just a few?

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  • Let's spread the wealth

    It is time for new tax policies that don't just give the monetary advantage to the wealthy people who already have it. It's not right for so much money to be controlled by just a small number of people. Changing the tax law will give more people to come up from the bottom.

  • The wealth should be spread

    The wealth, currently controlled by just a few, should be more evenly spread out. This is largely due to unfair tax policies that favor the wealthy and stripping out programs for the poor. In our society, everyone should be afforded an opportunity to pursue the American Dream. Concentrating much of the wealth in just a few impedes the path.

  • No, it is wrong.

    It is not right to have wealth in the hands of few individuals, wealth distribution should be equal. An economy where there is great disparity between the rich and the poor maybe termed as a bandit economy, close to slavery. Governments should put in place measures and policies to close that gap.

  • No, the wealth of any nation should not be controlled by just a few.

    The few that control the wealth also control the pay scales, the tax laws, health insurance and so much more. Their greed has left many of our citizens working three jobs just to keep food on the table. Also, the poor are unable to access basic health care needs with the wealthy in control.

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