Do you think it matters if a child is raised without a dad?

  • Absolutely yes and hell yeah

    Fathers are apart of the family and should take full responsibility. A son my not get all the facts of becoming a young man from his mother alone, and can not explain some of the emotional factors in his life. Also he will have a perfect role model to look up 2. Indeed, a father always complete the family and will be able to help provide food, money ,shelter and able to provide emotionally c=
    i thank u

  • Yes, I think so.

    I am an only child who doesn't see her dad very often. I think it would help in a child's life for the father figure to be apart of their life. I remember when I got a step dad last year, I felt like he was taking my mom away from me. I couldn't think of him being apart of my family. I still can't, but I try to cope as well as possible. The father figure is very important in a child';s life. If they are young, or they're a teenager, they need their father figure in their lives.

  • Yes I feel so.

    As a single parent, I raised my child and he missed a lot without his father being there. I put him in college with money only. I am not going to be in debt for life. I will do whatever it takes to let my son strive for his career, even if I have only social security to live off of for the rest of my life and not savings. His career matters that much to me.

  • Yes, it matters if a child is raised without a father.

    When a child only has one parent, it's much harder on the mother to provide for the child emotionally and financially. Some children may grow up with questions about why their father chose not to be a part of their lives, and could struggle with self esteem issues. Growing up without a father can subconsciously lead a child to believe that a traditional family structure is not necessary, and could prompt the child to repeat the one-parent family structure in his or her own life.

  • It Definitely Matters

    I believe that it does matter if a child is raised without a dad or not. Only having one parent makes it much harder on the mother. There are also things that a dad is more suited to do or hep with than a mom would be. All kids should grow up with a dad.

  • Yes, it matters if a child is raised without a dad

    This is not a black and white answer. I do believe that having a father in a household, provided that he is a decent, upstanding role model, is beneficial to a child as opposed to a single parent household. That is not to say that there aren't thousands of children that grow up to be excellent adults that have come from single parent homes, but as a general rule, having a father in their lives is preferred.

  • Not Quite

    I live in a household with four female adults, and two of them have a few male friends. I am a 14-year-old girl, and I was raised without a father. My mother let's her friend Brian come over at least once a week so I can have a male role-model. He's even helped me with some things I can't talk to my mom about. I've struggled through depression and Brian helped me through it. He's not my father, but he's like an uncle to me. I was raised with only my mom, and from the time I was born to the time I was 9, I never had a male role-model (other than boys at school). But when Brian became my mom's friend, I was overwhelmed to have a male role-model. So you don't have to have a true father with you, just as long as you know a male adult that could be helpful.

  • Not necessarily

    Not to discount the importance of having a male figure, but most studies on this issue focus on a child having two parents. Whether or not the figure has to include a man or woman hasn't been delved into as much. I can't say otherwise until evidence is found that children without a father figure fare worse.

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