Do you think it was right for Canadian lawmakers to pass a bill that legalizes Physician-assisted-death?

  • Yes, those who wish to die with dignity should be allowed to do so.

    If someone wants to die because they are about to die anyway but are in excruciating pain, why would anyone want to force them to die slowly? I really don't get it. Are you afraid the law will allow killing people who don't really want to die or is it a religious thing?

  • You Don't Make Other People's Life Choices

    Everyone in this world is entitled to making their own life choices unless they are a minor. Even in that instance, there is some personal opinion that should be upheld for even children. If a person is tired of suffering, why shouldn't they be able to end the pain? And why should that decision be chosen by persons who may not even know the sufferer?

  • Assisted suicide should be legalized

    Canada made headlines when they legalized physician-assisted suicide. This is an important decision that I whole heartedly support. Assisted suicide is a way for individuals with terminal illnesses or debilitating illnesses to end their suffering and put their families at ease knowing their relative is finally at peace. This should be a solution that all can have access to.

  • Yes, I think Canadian lawmakers were right.

    Canadian lawmakers took a bold step by passing a law legalizing physician-assisted-death. End of life decisions are already very difficult for families to make. Once more, when someone is terminally ill, and has no quality of life, he should have the right to decide when he is ready to pass away. Therefore, Canadian lawmakers were right to recognize that each individual, along with his physician, should make the choice of when to end life.

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