Do you think its okay for schools to give you homework on the weekend?

Asked by: datboiCesar
  • Say YES to homework!!!

    What is wrong with homework? Homework is a way of refreshing and renewing your knowlage! It teaches you to work independently. Also it distracts you from the boredom of studying. We have too little homework. We have 2-3 days of homework. Most adults have to work 5-7 day a week.
    I say yes to homework!!!

  • I do it all the time

    Work over the weekend helps me not go scatterbrained. If I have something to focus on, I'm not doing something ill-advised that I will regret. Also, when you get to college, they assign something due in, like, a month. Guess when you'll have time to do it. Hint: it begins with a week, and ends with an end.

  • In the end, it's necessary.

    Although I agree that it can cause stress, homework is crucial to learning. Kids need to learn responsibility and how to prioritize. With homework they learn these two things as well as having the chance to practice what they were learning in class. Also, any kid can do their homework on Friday! It's not like they must do it on Saturday or Sunday. Most kids spend way too much time watching TV or playing video games so the break is good for them. However, this is not saying teachers can give as much homework as they want. It should be in moderation with only necessary homework given and it not being given for no reason. It has to be in moderation. Teachers should not give so much homework that kids will be spending the entire weekend doing work with no play or fun. But the correct amount of homework with the correct topic is good.

  • Yes. It is Friday's homework.

    Yes, it is ok. They are only weekend homework if you choose not to finish it on Friday. So it is not really weekend's homework. If one wants the weekend off from schoolwork, then one needs to learn about time management and priority. Keep up with school works during the weekdays, study. Get homework done right away when you get home.

  • Because it the weakened

    Time to go and play outside play video games when you want to eat all day sleeping talk to your friends watch TV all 24 hours or72 48 in my room I can sleep all the way to eight in the morning eat ice cream and no school means to spend time with your family

  • Homework sucks but pp poop

    Homework sucks but pp and poop and pokemon are awesome and drangon ball z is better then homework also i poop on homework and narto is better then home work also ps3 is better then home work and xbox 360 is beter then home work and wii u is beter then home work

  • Why is this even a question??

    Let me start off with saying I HATE HOMEWORK. It takes up a lot of my time,so i like to procrastinate. Even while i'm typing this,i'm procrastinating. The weekends are usually the only time i have to relax and stop stressing and worrying about school and homework. But when i have homework that takes up my weekend? No. Kids[Including Me] Should not have homework on the weekend. AND usually i want to relax on Friday,thus making weekend homework :/

  • Weekends are a break from school and should be treated as such

    School is already from 8:30 to 3:30 for five days a week. Weekends are for students to have a break and to engage in a childhood. Students deserve a break from school. They need time off to be able to hang out with friends, as well as do productive things. I know that during the week, my room gets cluttered because all my time goes towards school and school-related activities. I use the weekend to tidy up and make sure I'm not living in a pig sty. Homework on the weekends is not needed to teach students responsibility because they already have homework during the week that they must have responsibility to do, plus chores and other responsibilities at home. Not all teens and students are bad, mindless drug-filled drones. Some have jobs to earn savings or even to help support their family. Having to juggle work, excessive school work and a social life is too much for a teen. Remember that teenagers are still kids. They are still developing mentally, physically and emotionally. They require more sleep than adults, and weekend homework can lead to them not getting the proper sleep they need. Also, keep in mind that today's students are tomorrow's adults. They will need skills that cannot be sharpened if all their time is taken up by homework. Activities such as sewing and reading, which I enjoy, are simply not possible because of all of the homework I am assigned. With too much homework, students a can't even engage in character building activities. While planting and maintaining a garden or fixing up an old, broken down car can teach students something that they can't learn in school and give them a feeling of accomplishment when they sit down to a delicious home-grown meal or finally drive that car down the driveway, they don't have time for any of these activities due to all of their homework. The point is, homework on weekends is not acceptable and is leading to the downfall of this generation's youth.

  • School Homework Weekend

    I don't think schools should give us homework on the weekend, because the weekend is the only time to spend time with your family, and also hangout with friends. Weekend is the only time for all that. School needs to understand the childhood life. Homework on the weekends can also lead to stress

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