Do you think its still selfish and okay to commit suicide if you have major depression and illnesses that cannot be cured?

Asked by: TommyTheCat
  • It is your life.

    If someone is not happy with their life and they see no way out of it I would say they have every right to commit suicide. Sure you can pop Serotonin pills all you want all day but if it were me I would not be able to depend on a pill to live. I would not want to grow old have kids who very well might have the same problem and so on. All I'm saying is that if the individual has the right to live their life any way they want to then they have the right to end it as well.

  • Your question is contradicting (selfish and ok are two different things)

    I say that it is ok to "commit" suicide in certain cases, like if you have an incurable diseases that causes you great pain (and most likely taxes your family both financially and emotionally). Major depression however, can be overcome with help, so I would say no to that. Overall, unless there are special circumstances, suicide is not ok.

  • Others dont know your suffering

    Seriously, I have no idea why im still living here. Fuck them. If you have kids and a lover its selfish because you gave them yourself and they love you. You chose to be with them so stand with it, dont let them feel the same as you. Buuuut if you dont have any of thoae then ur free to go bro. I know how it feels

  • Suicide is okay

    If you are certain you are untreatable and you cannot cope and don't want to live anymore, then suicide is fine. For all the people who think it's selfish, think about exactly what you're asking of them- you want someone to continue to live in utter misery and tremendous pain just so you won't be sad. It's the same as with animals- if they are in tremendous pain and incurable then they get put down. Why can't we as humans have that option?

  • Tired and done

    Sometimes people are just tired and done-not depressed in the classical sense. At least not chronically. Tragedies and missed opportunities and the onset of age. They don't have children that could be hurt. Family basically will be OK. A deep feeling of just being done here. Sadness yes. But over a long period of time sad or not they realize that desire to be on this plane has simply gone. And the work it takes to stay here feels meaningless. "The wise man will live as long as he ought, not as long as he can." Seneca the Younger

  • Suicide is not selfish.

    For the people who think that Suicide is SELFISH. Then you clearly have no idea what they are going through. Telling them "Why would you do that to me?" Is just making them feel worse. For the family or friends who say that it's selfish. Then you yourself are being selfish. Just because they talk to someone doesn't mean it changes their mind. Don't point fingers and blame anyone for their actions. Some people don't understand why they commit suicide. Or why they choose to end their life. Nobody knows what it's like to be suicidal. Unless you yourself are suicidal. Especially when they have a family member or friend that wants to end their life so badly. Don't make theme feel worse and make them hate themselve even more. Please don't be hypocritical. Nobody knows what they are thinking or the pain they are going through. If you say "That they are only thinking of themselve." Then I feel sorry for you. But in the end. Fuck the ones that make you want to kill yourself even more.

  • Its your choice

    Suicide is very hard for a lot of people to understand, nonetheless, it is not selfish at all. My uncle committed suicide and everyone gave him a ton of shit for it because he "left his mom with the despair of his death". Personally I feel that the people saying he's selfish are the actual selfish ones for wanting a person to live for the sake of their own happiness. There's no point in living if its for someone else. None of us asked for the life we have, so why do we have to keep it. Life's a bitch and then you die, death is inevitable after all. Even if your life is wonderful and you're successful, everything you've done on earth will be over for you. Besides, suicide should be more commonly accepted due to overpopulation and the amount of mouths that don't get fed. I suppose if we were immortal, wed have a reason to make our lives better, but we're only human. We're just as equal to every other animal except we're more selfish. I wrote this horribly lol but you get the message

  • Depends on the situation

    If you have a painful condition that cannot be cured or your partner or child has died, you should totally be allowed to end your life and be with them. However, if you are just depressed, go and find some professional help. Plenty of people have done this and cured their depression.

  • It's not selfish to kill yourself

    People can suffer immense and unbearable psychological and physical pain from depression, injury, or illness. It's selfish to tell people that they shouldn't kill themselves because you will be sad if they do it, even though they are suffering tremendous pain. It's your body and you can do whatever you want with it, suicide is no different then dying from natural means you just have a conscious choice in the matter.

  • Because..... I SAID SO!!!

    (didn't know what to put for headline sorry about that) actually I, myself, am a suicidal...Well I've tried to before and I've cut myself before...And well...It just...Takes away the pain...Now I don't think I should cut myself...BUT I think you should ONLY kill yourself if you literly have NO ONE and life is hard on you.. If you have at least ONE person then don't... It's not worth it.... I have someone so I didn't kill myself...My wonderful boyfriend :D never thought someone would actually love me like that but hey... Life is full of surprises ...So yea I'm just a dumb kid who doesn't know anything .... But ik what it's like to hurt and know your NEVER alone smile once in a while It looks good on you ;)

  • If you are dead we can't help you.

    One thing is for sure and that is that once you do this it is over.
    Many people have felt this way but major depression can be cured and alot of people are very pleased to have overcome it to a point that they are no longer contemplating suicide.

    Euthanasia for terminally ill people is a completely different topic to which I would answer yes.

    You should be clear in the difference and be careful not confuse the two intentionally or otherwise.

  • Suicide is never the answer

    If you truly have nothing going for you then make something out of it. Their are places out their for people you don't just have to sit there and be lazy. Just get off your butt and do something about your issues sometimes it only takes a few steps yes.

  • Okay, so recently

    Ive seen and heard this person that says suicide is okay if you don't want to live any more and have major depression, illnesses, etc. (I'm not gonna tell who this person is.) But what is your guys thoughts on this? I say no and disagree most of the time because it is selfish if there is people close to you IMO and committing suicide can hurt and possibly make those people close to you suicidal.

  • Not unless it's a serious illness

    If you have major depression and it doesn't respond to anything redefine your meanings and values. Try devaluing the feeling of happiness.
    But things like Alzheimer's or Huntington's. I think you should be allowed to get euthanasia. I value intelligence far far above happiness. I rather be in a state of extreme misery yet intelligent and learning new things than be degenerating like that even if I was happy. "Happiness" is overvalued and few people think outside the box enough to consider that maybe they don't have to consider "happiness" the most important thing, that maybe life can be worth living even if you are not happy.

  • Suicide is never the answer

    If you truly have nothing going for you then make something out of it. Their are places out their for people you don't just have to sit there and be lazy. Just get off your butt and do something about your issues sometimes it only takes a few steps yes.

  • Suicide is never the answer

    If you truly have nothing going for you then make something out of it. Their are places out their for people you don't just have to sit there and be lazy. Just get off your butt and do something about your issues sometimes it only takes a few steps yes.

  • It is not selfish

    Committing suicide in my eyes is okay. Why? Because some people have it hard. Sometimes it gets to bad that there is nothing else to do. Ive been there and attempted suicide. I was raped four times, been abused since I was 8 and im now 15. Suicide is okay in some cases.

  • Major depression ptsd

    Depression is a serious mental illness it can be disabling to your life I live with it everyday. I think about ending my life all the time. If you don't suffer from major depression panic attacks and insomnia you have no idea what it feels like. For some people like me their is no cure.

  • I say no because its very painful to everyone around you.

    My cousin committed suicide and if you understand how hard it s to go through that and how bad it hurts you you all would understand suicide isn't a solution to use it isn't a solution to end your life. I don't care who you are and how you think, but to me it isn't ok. I have been hurt and my heart has been broken, I no how hard it is to no that I can't see my big cousin ever again and he had two beautiful little girls, and a great life going to be an EMT. I want everyone to no that once you no how it feels to lose a close friend or loved one then you really have no say in, its ok to commit suicide. For me since my cousin died I have been against suicide, I couldn't risk seeing someone elses family go through what my family has gone through in the past. Yes those people are sick but you can get help.

  • Everyone Dies Eventually

    I do not remember asking to be born into this world. If I had children it would be different, they would be my responsibility. But for all those people that don't, it should be their choice. Why should people be forced to live if they don't want to? I'm in control of my body, no one else.

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